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Marilyn calls Bill and tells him that she wants to represents his casino. He has his hands full and tells her abruptly that he can’t talk right now.

Margene asks Bill to stop ignoring her. Barb overhears them talking and tries to tell Bill to get over this. Later at the house,  Barb and Bill are talking about what happened and what Barb doesn’t realize is the whole story. Bill tells her the whole story. Barb is furious and disgusted with Margene.
The congressman tells him that he is on board.

That night on the news there is a shooting from a boy at Juniper Creek.  He is what the news terms as a “lost boy”.

The next day, Bill is at the city council meeting. In the thick of it all, Margene is there to get Bill to get accept her apology. Colburn shows up as a surprise attack asking Bill what he plans to do with the “lost boys” - Barb finds out from Ben that Bill exiled him.
Outside Barb and Margene with Nicki in tow, get into a heated argument. So much that Barb walks away kicking her table of jewelry to the floor. Margene is hysterical trying to pick it up. The congressman comes up and helps pick it up.

Ben tells Bill that he may not have said the words exactly, he knew Bill’s intentions were to kick him out. All he wanted was Bill to apologize and Bill couldn’t understand why he need to. Ben runs out of the town hall furiously upset with his father.

Later that day, Ben calls his grandmother, Lois, and tells her that his dad kicked him out. She is outranged because he knows that he is defenseless and believes that Bill, being a “lost boy”, should know better.

Frank, his wife, and Lois are driving back and see the sign for the casino. Frank wants to stop and play some poker on the house.

The circus arrives at the casino. Margene is on the Congressman’s arm, Marilyn brings Nicky thinking that she is Bill’s assistant, and Joey comes too. Frank is thrown out of the casino for causing trouble with Joey.

Tommy tells Marilyn and Bill that he is not interested in joining forces with her. Bill goes in to talk to him, but nothing helps.

Later, Tommy talks to Barb and tells her that she needs some rest. He tells her that she needs a good sweat - in his sweat lodge.  Inside the lodge, Tommy tells Barb that his wife was killed by a drunk driver years ago.

Bill goes to the morgue and tells the guy there that this kid - the “lost boy” - needs a proper burial and pays for him to have one.

The next day, at the final congress meeting, the town hall is filled with pictures of Bill when he was arrested as a young boy.  They all feel like it is over, except Bill.

Right before he is about to get on stage, Margene comes in to wish him luck. Bill tells her that he hasn’t been fair and that he hasn’t fully forgiven her yet, but they will get there. 

On the podium, Bill tells the audience that he knows his past is shameful. With the love and the support of others he was able to become who he is today. The “lost boys” get thrown away like garbage by their fathers and the mothers who stand next to them silently.

Waiting to hear the final verdict, Bill gets a call that tells him that he won the nomination.

Everyone is in a congratulatory mood, expect Marilyn. She tells Bill that she knows the meeting with Tommy was a setup.

Sarah comes and tell Bill that Ben ran off with their grandmother. Bill has no choice now, but to be swept away with the happy crowd.

Back at the house, Barb created her own sweat lodge and sits naked on the floor crying.

Big Love
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Big Love Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

(to Margene) Everyone can tell that you are in the dog house.


This is do or die time the convention starts tomorrow.