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The holydays are upon them and Bill is desperately trying to gain support.

Something strange is happening to Lois. Barb tells Bill that she made an appointment for him to take his mother in to get checked out.  The doctor tells Bill that Lois is suffering from dementia.

Heather stops by the house to bring gingerbread for the family. Ben invites her to go ice skating with the rest of the family.
During dinner, Bill takes time to say a special prayer for womanhood.

Alby goes to visit his mother and kicks her out because the baby she’s carrying is a monstrosity. Alby’s other wife comes in to tell him that Laura is gone.

During mass, Barb believes that Bill will take her up on stage to bless the sacrament, but he chooses Ben instead.

Lois takes the kids to a fast food joint looking for Santa. The kids get a hold of her cell and call their parents. Bill shows up and brings them home.

Carolynn knows something up and tries to get to the bottom of why her fathers practice is burned to the ground. She questions Adaleen who tells her that her father is dead.

Margene comes clean about her age. When they were married, she wasn’t eighteen, but sixteen. Her lie ruins the family Christmas.

Alby comes to take Laura away, but Bill and the rest of the family step in the way.  When Alby gets back, Adaleen goes to see him.

When they get home, they find Barb wasted. Bill reminds them that it is still Christmas. They gather outside for their manger scene.

Big Love
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Big Love Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

If you can't learn to please me, your future is not right.


There's a whole new face of polygamy.