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Barb meets with a woman, Rene, about her calling into priesthood.

Bill goes to see Frank and tells him that he has to clean up his house because Lois is coming to live with him and it’s his fault that she has dementia.  When she gets there, the sister wives are out and Frank sets up dinner.

Carolynn and her teacher, Mr. Ivy, share an awkward moment before Nikki walks in.  Later that night, Carolynn goes to see him. They not only kiss, but he confesses his love for her.

Margene  helps Bill put together a function to show that polygamy isn’t something to be ashamed of.  Meanwhile, she is secretly crushing on her Goji berry instructor.  

Ben confronts his parents about the upcoming divorce. Even though they still love each other it is apparent that their marriage isn’t the same thing it once was.

Alby is angry at Verlan for not completing the task to kill Don. Verlan ends up kissing Alby.

Nancy goes to see Bill at the Senate. Bill tells her that he’s worried about Barbara. Nancy tells Bill about Barb’s new friendship with Rene.

Nancy goes to visit Barb and confronts her about being a lesbian because of her new friendship with Rene.

Frank drives him and Lois to the ocean. Lois thinks about killing him, but doesn’t because she wants him to kill her before she looses all her marbles.

Rene comes to meet with Barb and her family. Bill and the other wives don’t agree with what Barb wants.  Bill wont budge on allowing Barb to become a priesthood holder. She tells him that she no longer can go to his church anymore.

Ronda talks about her new job and Ben doubts it. He fins her as a stripper and they end up making out.

Big Love
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Big Love Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

(to Bill) There will be blockades. They will put you out of business.


(to Bill) Your wife is a stinking filthy liar and should wash her mouth out with soap.