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At dinner, Bill tells his wives that he needs the Safety Net bill to pass in order for people to believe that they are not trying to make polygamy legal, but help break the cycle of abuse.

Adaleen goes to see a doctor about the baby she’s carrying. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to carry the baby to term.

Barb goes to visit her mother at her old church and tells her how much she needs her.  But, really, she just needs her to go to a meeting on speaking about excommunication. Her mother is furious at first, but does agree to attend the meeting.

Back at home, Margene is hanging out with Ana. Bill stops by and things get uncomfortable.

Bill rallies up all the people he can to support him with his Safety Net.

Caroline wins a championship math and science competition and her crush gives her a kiss in front of Nikki who isn’t thrilled about it.

Bill goes to visit his mother whose house is a mess. She blames his father because he is after her money.

Margene goes to see where her moms trailer used to be and it’s gone.  This sends her into a whirlwind of emotion. Barb offers to do a blessing and Margene is accepts. Before it can begin, Nikki walks in and the whole thing gets called off.

Barb asks Midge to come to dinner because Bill needs a friend in the office. Bill created Safety Net to help polygamists live in harmony and not fear.  His first meeting couldn’t go any worse. Everyone, including Nikki, speaks their minds which causes an uproar.

Bill runs into Midge after his meeting and finds out that she’s gunning for him.

When the wives get home, Bill has a meeting at his house to discuss Safety Net. Alby shows up and makes everyone see that Bill is to blame. Bill tries to get the group to calm down and buckle together.

Barb goes to visit her mom and asks her for a blessing. Her mom is furious that she would ever ask her something like that.

Ana says good-bye to the family and Margene is terribly upset.  Bill tells Margene that is she’s unhappy in their marriage, she has his permission to leave the family.

Nikki goes to visit Barb at her dance studio to apologize for saying the mean things she said about Sarah. Nikki also tells her that she wishes Caroline would turn out to be more like Barb.

The episode ends with Bill and Margene in the bathroom and she’s happy to be there.

Big Love
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Big Love Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

(to her mother) I just need to be with you.


Polygamy is not just a Mormon problem.