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Everyone went to church, but Barb.

Nikki wanted to get a new dress for her wedding and Barb offers to pay for it. Nikki also tries to get a reception out of it and Barb isn’t too pleased.

Bill tells his wives that along with getting married to Nikki he wanted them all to get resealed. Barb doesn’t agree to it because of their differences.  Barb offers to do the ceremony and Bill is outraged.

Margene becomes the spoke person for the family on polygamy and her Gogi business is booming. Bill tells Margene to be careful about investing so much and she starts to wonder if she is being naive.

The FBI are investigating Margene - most likely because of her age.

Carolynn is still seeing her teacher. She talks him into inviting her and her mom to see a play.

Bills business is doing terribly since the Mormon religion decided to boycott the store. Alby bought the property.  He goes to confront Alby and the UEB.  He finds his father fallen on the floor.

Frank ends up at the hospital and Lois blames Barb because she told everyone that she has VD. Barb tries to get her to look at living in a nursing home and she’s outraged. Lois tries to kill Frank

Heather tells Ben that she wants to date him. He happily agrees.

Ronda is delusional and believes everything will be alright once her husband gets the money.

At Nikki’s wedding Barb over hears the resealing that is going on between Nikki, Margene, and Bill without her.  

The police show up and take Barb in to question her about Bill.

Big Love
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Big Love Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

We can't lose Home Plus. Home Plus is us.


(regarding Barb's absence) People at church were asking questions today.