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The whole family is camping out and avoiding the tabloids of back home.  Margene is hysterically crying over what the newspapers are saying about her.

When they get back home, Don informs Bill that many of his employers left and are holding all their anger for him.

Senator Sheldon informs Bill that he got a DUI and is stepping down. This ruins Bill’s plans they made together.

Margene goes back to her network and begs Beverly to give her a second chance.  Beverly calls her a liar and tells her to pack up her belongings.  Before she leaves, a man named Michael gives her a DVD on his motivational speech.

Wayne gets picked on at school for his family lifestyle. Nikki asks Barb and Margene to help her go to the school and confront the principal about it. Barb gets them out of it and instead Nikki bullies the kid that picked on Wayne.

Barb is trying to find her way by living in the moment.  Nikki catches her drinking wine.

Alby gets home and is astonished by what he reads in the newspaper.

When Bill gets home, he informs his wives that he will open their houses up to everyone to show them that they are now aliens.

Bill meets with Ana and Guaren and tells them that he needs to leave the country.

That night they head to a school meeting and the press shows up. Bill tries to get their voices heard about what happened to Wayne. Before you know it, everything blows up in their faces. Margene has an out burst and the kid points out that Nikki is the one who beat her up.

The next day, Nikki and Bill go to apologize to the kids family. They soon realize that they are also polygamists. They tell them that they do not want to publicity or anything to do with them.

The open house turns out to be a failure. Don shows up and gets to admit that maybe his decision to go public was a bad idea. Later that night a couple people show up and tell them that they wanted to wait for the crowds to die down. They thank them for being able to stand up for their kind. Bill and his wives warmly invite them in.

Big Love
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Big Love Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

(about Margene) I've given up. I've tried everything and my actual sympathy is wearing thin.


Now it's time to go back and pick up our lives...we have each other.