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Grace finds a way to free the girls from their restraints. The three then free a piece of the trailer, allowing Grace to slip through and start looking for a way out of the barn.

Cassie goes to the sheriff for help with missing women, but he tells them there’s nothing he can do as it hasn’t been 48 hours. She then goes to Ron and continues to question his commitment to the case.

Helen grows more suspicious of Ronald.

Jenny goes to the Church of Glory and Transcendence, looking for answers.

Grace finds a drainage pipe and tries to access it, but Ronald comes back. She falls into the drainage ditch, and Rick follows close behind. When part of the ditch collapses, Grace continues, but Ronald is forced to retreat. Ronald then excavates the ditch while Ronald goes deeper into the woods in case Grace was able to get out of the tunnel.

Grace gets out of the tunnel and starts running for help.

Jenny discovers that Cody never made it to the church.

Grace finds a man fishing, but as he’s about to get her to his vehicle, Rick shoots him dead with a crossbow. Grace tries to flee, but Rick shoots her in the leg with the crossbow. After disposing of the fisherman’s body, he brings Grace back to the trailer.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Jerrie: You've got some sister.
Danielle: Tell me about it. I got the looks. She got everything else.

Ronald: What's gotten into you?
Helen: I have a nose for things. And I don't like the stink.