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After striking Blake, John Wayne runs off, and Cheyenne goes to the grave and retrieves Cole Danver’s belt buckle and Blake’s body.

Jenny and Cassie find out that Rosie tried to tell the sheriff that Blake was innocent and John Wayne and Rand attacked her, but the sheriff convinced her to change her story.

John Wayne finds Blake’s body at the bottom of a cliff the following day. And the sheriff rules his death a suicide at Horst’s behest.

After finding out there was a death on the Kleinsasser ranch, Jenny goes to the sheriff’s office to ask questions, and the secretary, Angela, agrees to speak with her later.

Scarlet’s sister, Mary, visits again and warns Scarlet about Ronald. Later, he steals Scarlet’s phone and finds out that Mary is suspicious of him.

Cheyenne threatens John Wayne after revealing that she saw him kill Blake and moved his body. John Wayne then asks Rand to keep an eye on her, and he sees her meeting with Jenny. During that meeting, Cheyenne tells Jenny to look into Cole Danvers.

Mary calls into Dewell & Hoyt and reports having seen Ronald, but Ronald has beaten them there and killed Mary. He manages to escape with Mary’s body before Cassie and Mark get inside the house. Once inside, they discover a dead body in the freezer in the basement.

Jenny meets with Angela, and she gives Jenny proof that the sheriff covered up Rosie’s attack, but before she can tell Jenny more, a truck barrels into Jenny’s hotel room.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Horst: Neither one of you saw anything last night? Rand?
Rand: No, sir.
Horst: Look at me. John Wayne?
John Wayne: No, sir.

Jenny: You need to come forward. People need to know what really happened
Rosie: What I say it's gonna change anything. Believe me, I've tried.
Cassie: What do you mean?
Rosie: I went to the sheriff and tried to change my statement. I tried telling them Blake didn't do it. That it was Rand and John Wayne. And the sheriff talked me out of it. Told me there would be repercussions. It doesn't matter. It happened. Nothing's gonna change that. The Kleinsasser's. My father said they would do worse.