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Sunny returns home and sees blood everywhere. Paige then reveals herself and tries to kill Sunny. Jenny and Cassie then arrive, and Paige goes to the hospital while Sunny goes to prison.

Poppernak gets Beau information on Winston before talking to Sunny. She tells him that Walter should be freed now that they know Paige is alive.

Paige details to Jenny that she saw hearts in jars at the bunker Buck brought her to.

Cassie, Denise, and Emily start to look into how to find Buck’s bunker.

A man comes to torture Avery but is soon killed by Donno.

Cassie tells Cormac about Buck, and he helps her fill out the map that can lead them to his bunker.

Walter is released from prison, and Sunny picks him up, telling him that they need to make a plan together for the future.

Cassie, Jenny, and Beau find the bunker, but Buck is gone.

A man and his dog find a badly injured Buck in the nearby woods. Buck kills the man and takes his truck to a nearby convenience store, where he treats his wounds with glue.

Sunny plans to run away with Walter, but he pushes back on her and what she knows about Buck. He then says goodbye to her and leaves.

Tex follows Carla on her way to the cleaners, and she confronts him, but he leaves her be. Elsewhere, Tony has eyes on Dewell & Hoyt.

Jenny and Poppernak visit Sunny and tell her that Buck is still alive.

Walter visits Paige, who tells him that Buck is still alive.

Carla tells Beau about being followed, and when they try to find Emily, Cassie tells them that she and Denise aren’t at the office.

With Denise and Emily missing, Beau confronts Avery. Avery tells him that he’s meeting with Tony that night, and Beau tells him that he’s wearing a wire.

Beau promises no arrests for Donno and Tonya if they follow the plan to protect Avery and ensure Emily and Denise are unharmed.

Things spiral out of control at the meeting after Tony shoots Avery dead. Donno is shot, and when the police arrive, Beau asks Tony where Emily is, but he claims not to have her.

It’s revealed that Buck has Emily and Denise, and he has them tied up in a car, where he calls Sunny.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Sunny: One last thing. Paige is alive. Proves Walter is innocent. Least you can do is let me boy out.
Beau: That really what you're concerned about?
Sunny: Maybe if I patch things up with him, he can help us find out where Buck is hiding. If he's alive.
Beau: Let me see what I can do.
Sunny: Yeah, you do that.

Beau: You think he's capable of all this?
Sunny: I don't know what to think anymore. Except I do think it's time for me to call my lawyer.