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Denise arrives at the office and discovers it was broken into. She hides from the intruder until he leaves, and then sees he left a message in blood on the bulletin board reading, "Come Get Me."

Sunny and Buck decide to pin Mary's death on Luke and devise a plan to lure the campers out into the woods for a night hike, where they will discover Mary's body.

Beau, Jenny, and Cassie look into the bleeding hearts case, believing it's connected to the break-in. They realize a suspect chart from Blair's murder is missing, and they track it to an officer Cobb who worked the original case/

Avery confronts Donno and Tonya about Luke, causing them to wonder who else may be after Luke and Paige. They then call a meeting with Tony, asking for double their fee.

Beau and Jenny visit Cobb, who reveals that the suspect was Jenny's boyfriend, Joe. And that his father was a powerful player who got him put on desk duty for looking into his son.

Cassie and Jennyventure into the woods to look for the hearts carved into the trees. They find an old one, likely from around the time of Blair's murder, along with a bumblebee necklace they believe to be hers.

At the Boot Heel, Tonya and Donno meet with Tony and his associates Tex, Possum, and Winston. After telling them about Paige's disappearance, Tony tells them to kill Luke, and then they'll look for Paige.

Meanwhile, at the camp, Luke hears Donno and Tonya left, and he tells Emily he is leaving the camp.

Beau and Jenny go to Joe Walker's farm and discover he's cooking meth, and after finding him hiding in the house, they bring him to the station. He tells them that he and Blair didn't fight the night of the prom and that he was comforting her. He also tells them she was afraid of her parents and that they were stalking her.

Sunny overhears Donno and Tonya talking about Luke being gone. She later hides Paige's cell phone in his tent.

Cassie goes to the Lucan house to talk to Blair's dad,  unaware that Beau and Jenny discovered he was the one who broke into Dewell & Hoyt. She finds a bulletin board of his daughter's pictures and clues. He explains that he needed to get her attention, as everyone stopped looking into the case, and the killer is still out there.

Emily goes looking for Luke and finds Mary's body. She then runs into Buck, and the two bring Mary's body back to camp.

Luke races through the woods, looking to leave town, and runs into Paige, who is waiting for Luke with Walter.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Jenny: So, we think the bleeding heart killer's back?
Cassie: Maybe he never left.

Buck: You need to tell me the truth. Did Walter kill Paige? Did he?
Sunny: I don't know, honestly. He might of.