Picture Time - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 8
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Paige asks Luke about her notebook in the woods, but he insists they need to flee. After being threatened by Walter, he runs off into the woods. 

At the campsite, Beau and Jenny arrive to investigate Mary's murder. 

Sunny and Buck argue over Buck bringing Mary's body back to camp. 

Beau and Jenny start collecting statements from the guests. Sunny and Buck talk down on Luke, while Avery tells them that Luke told him about the fifteen million in crypto he had. 

Cassie and Cormac get drinks at the Boot Heel, and when Cormac leaves, he tells her he's headed back to camp but never shows up. 

The cops search the woods and find Luke's dead body with an arrow in it. 

Cormac finds the title to the tuck and a baby box at his parent's house. Later, Cassie stops by to tell him about the murders. He tells her about finding the title, not the baby things, and the two head up to camp. 

Jenny interrogates Donno while Beau speaks with Tonya. She tells him that Luke and Avery were constantly talking and that he should look into him. 

Beau and Jenny discover that the SEC is investigating Avery's company for misleading investors. When Jenny talks to Carla, she is unaware of Avery's troubles. 

Cormac shows his parents the baby picture he found, and Sunny tells him it's his cousin. Cormac pleads with them to tell him the truth before leaving. 

Jenny and Cassie talk with Buck and show him the composite sketch of Walter. Buck admits to seeing him in the woods from time to time. 

Carla asks for some space from Avery. 

Possum and Tony arrive in the woods, killing a ranger who attempted to keep them from trespassing. 

Cormac shows Beau, Jenny, and Cassie the area in the woods where Luke may have seen a light the night of Paige's disappearance. 

Tonya and Donno find Paige's notebook in the evidence bags, but the two needed pages have been ripped out. 

Avery is shown to have the pages, and he takes off from the campsite as Possum and Tony look on. 

Sunny tries to warn Walter the cops are coming for him by yelling into his cabin and then hides in the woods. 

Walter sends Paige into an underground tunnel where she can get to the edge of the woods and run. He then surrenders to authorities as a disgruntled Sunny looks on. 

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Big Sky Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Jenny: What Avery said about the fifteen million changes things.
Beau: Okay, well, I wouldn't trust Avery, alright? He's full of crap.

Jenny: What the...? What are you two doing here?
Tonya: Same thing as everybody else. Vacation. Outdoor vibes. Now ruined.
Jenny: Really?
Tonya: I know, right? I mean, it's just our luck. All we wanted to do was shut off for a couple of days, and now this. A murder. God, it's awful. I'll be writing a review.
Donno: Zero point zero stars.