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Buck tries to find a new vehicle in a bar parking lot. While he's searching, a man tries to help the girls, but Buck then kills him. He then takes off with a truck and puts the girls into the attached trailer. 

Poppernak sits outside Sunny's house as she's unable to leave. Walter gets inside and tells her that he's looking for Buck. Sunny then says she has a plan. Later, she escapes the house by staging a fire inside but is soon apprehended by Jenny and Beau. 

Through security footage of Buck in the parking lot, Cassie and Cormac track the keys Buck has to a land where they used to go hunting. 

With Sunny in custody, Beau enlists her help in capturing Buck. When Buck calls her, he tells Beau and Jenny that he wants to exchange Sunny for the girls, and the four meet at an open garage. Buck tells them he's taking Sunny, and once they are far enough away, he'll let them know where Emily and Denise are. 

While on the road, Sunny gets Buck to give over the coordinates of the girl's location to Beau, and then they drive to the spot in the woods where Buck proposed. 

When Beau, Jenny, and the police arrive at the coordinates, an alarm is triggered, and the trailer explodes, but the girls aren't inside. 

Cormac and Cassie make it to the cabin on the hunting land, but there's no sign of the girls. 

Buck and Sunny hike, and then Sunny confronts Buck about his actions. After kissing him goodbye, Walter arrives, and he and Buck fight. Soon after that, Beau and Jenny arrive, and Buck and Beau fight. Sunny then kills Buck before he gives up the location of the girls. 

Cormac leads Cassie to a mineshaft on the hunting property, where they find Denise and Emily. 

Donno comes home from the hospital, and Tonya tells him she secured the money. 

Sunny is arrested. 

Cormac visits Walter in the hospital. 

Beau stops by Jenny's and tells her that Carla is moving back to Houston and thanks her for her help with everything. 

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Beau: You listen to me. You're gonna help me get my daughter back.
Sunny: Of course.

Beau: Emily is out there, okay?
Jenny: I know.
Beau: And I need to find her.
Jenny: We will. I promise we will. But we just gotta do it the right way.