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Walt brings Sunny to Mark, who is dying after his fall. Sunny neglects to get him help and sits with him as he dies.

Cassie talks to girls who called in a tip about Mark, which leads her and Beau to travel to Deadman's Drop, where they find footprints and a water bottle that turns out to be Mark's.

Tonya enlists the police's help in getting a squatter out of one of her homes. They find Donno assaulting him when they get there, and Jenny arrests both Donno and Jef after finding an unregistered gun and a bag of cash.

In lockup, a "drunk" man comes in and tries to kill Jef before Donno and Jenny intervene. It's then revealed that Jef is actually Paul, a former employee at an aircraft company who was going to whistleblow on the company.

Beau and Cassie ask Sunny about Mark, and they reiterate they haven't seen him. Beau also takes the time to check in on Emily.

Luke and Paige argue in the woods and later find themselves lost. After a tense argument, Luke attempts to strange Paige, and she threatens to kill him.

Avery searches through Luke and Paige's room and finds a gun and notebook with certain words highlighted.

Beau and Jenny convince Paul to go into witness protection, and a deputy comes to take him. Poppernak follows them and realizes they aren't going to the airport but back to Tonya's home.

At the house, they are able to apprehend the fake deputy, and they learn that the CEO's executive assistant, who was missing, was hiding out with Paul, as they planned to whistleblow on the company together.

Everyone takes to the trails, as Luke and Paige are still missing.

Sunny searches for Walt but can't find him.

Emily and Avery split up during the search, and Emily finds Luke near a stream covered in blood.


Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Donno: Oh, hello, Jenny.
Jenny: Are we friends? No, we're not.

Mark: It hurts.
Sunny: I know, sweetheart. I know it does. But I've got a child of my own to protect. I hope you understand. It's not gonna be much longer.