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Beau and Jenny interrogate Walter in jail, and he refuses to tell them his name but does tell them that he killed Paige.

Cassie and Cormac go dancing and share a kiss, but when Cassie questions him about Buck, he leaves.

Buck makes Sunny promise to drop everything involving Paige and Walter.

Beau and Jenny are called to a local park, where a parachuter, Brett, has been found dead in a tree after someone cut one of his lines. After speaking with his wife, they discover he was once a smokejumper, but he left after his best friend died on the fire line. His best friend's father, Frank, the unit's leader, held him responsible for his son's death.

Avery meets with Tony, who gives him another 24 hours to access the fifteen million dollars in Paige's account.

Beau and Jenny meet with Frank, who denies having anything to do with Brett's murder.

Cassie interrogates Walter, and he tells her that he didn't kill Mark and that the figurine left with him was a form of protection.

Sunny visits Donno and Tonya at the diner, telling them she believes Paige is still alive. And unbeknownst to her, Cormac is watching her from outside.

Poppernak informs Beau and Jenny that Frank's unit is suspected of a string of robberies, and the two then head to a storage unit. At the storage unit, they find the front desk man dead and see a man on camera attempting to break into a unit. They chase him, but he eventually gets away, and they discover the unit is storing money and stolen goods.

Avery attempts to get Carla to leave town with Emily fearing Tony's threats, but she doesn't want to go.

Emily interns at Dewell & Hoyt.

Cormac goes to his parent's house, and he presses them to tell him the truth about Walter. Sunny tells him the truth about being his mother, and Buck warns Cormac not to blow up their family with this new information.

Beau and Jenny outfit Frank with a wire while he talks to his number two, Cooper, and gets him to admit to killing Brett to cover up the robbery ring. They then are able to apprehend Cooper.

Sunny goes to Walter's cabin but hides when Cassie also shows up. Cassie retrieves a hidden envelope she takes to Beau and Cassie, which houses newspaper clippings from a house fire, and gives them Walter's name.

Avery gets access to the money and calls Tony.

Paige shows up at the campsite, surprising Sunny.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Beau: Okay, well, listen, your mom's going to be here any second, and she's expecting me to feed you, so you're gonna need to lie.
Emily: It's fine. I had some of that cereal in there. That expired a year ago.
Beau: Perfect. Told you those expiration dates are a scam.
Emily: No, it was stale.
Beau: Oh, you'll live.

Jenny: Where is Paige?
Walter: She's dead. I killed her.