Finding New Friend - Season 1 Episode 5 - Billy the Kid
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Billy discovers that Barbara, his latest fling, is the girl of Jesse Evans, his former partner in crime. Members of Jesse's gang are hesitant to have the infamous Kid Antrim riding with them but Jesse overrules them. Jesse figures out there's a spark between Billy and Barbara. Jesse and Barbara debate her feelings toward Billy. Barbara says she won't belong to either Jesse or Billy. Billy asks Jesse for a horse so he can leave. Jesse beats Billy in a quick-draw competition and says Billy has to get quicker on the draw. Then Billy rides out of Jesse and Barbara's life. In Chihuahua, Mexico, a young boy offers to clean Billy's boots but doesn't return them. When Billy chases after the boy, he's attacked by bandits. He's rescued by a Mexican named Segura. Segura explains that the Mexicans are angry because gringos are stealing their land. Billy wins two pesos off Segura with a demonstration of his shooting skills. Segura asks for Billy's help in taking down a crooked dealer. They clean up. Then two sisters from a rich family invite them to dinner the next night. The sisters suggest they stay for the night. They wake up to find out the sisters robbed them. Cleaned out, they contemplate robbing the local bank. But Billy can't bring himself to do it. They go back to Ortiz's card game. Billy's stake is his gun and his bullets. They win again and buy back Billy's gun and bullets. They part, Segura going to New Mexico and Billy heading to Texas. Ortiz's men follow Billy and attack him at night. Billy picks them off one by one in the firelight. Billy kills Ortiz last, the first man he has intentionally killed.

Billy the Kid
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Billy the Kid Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I have a hankering to go straight, Jesse.

Billy [to Jesse]

Jesse: Billy, you're alive.
Billy: I guess I am.
Jesse: I've missed you. Thank God we found you.