On the Move - Billy the Kid
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Kathleen is moving Billy and Joe to Santa Fe. Their driver, Mr. Hurley, tries to attack her after stopping for the night. Billy pulls Hurley's gun on him. Billy hangs onto the gun until Hurley uneventfully delivers them to Santa Fe. Kathleen takes a job for a very low wage at a local hotel. While being harassed by local layabouts, Kathleen is offered a ride by Henry Antrim. Billy is learning Spanish from his new friend Carlos. Hattie, a local prostitute, makes Kathleen's acquaintance. Billy witnesses the lynching of three Mexican thieves led by Antrim. Kathleen introduces her sons to Antrim. Billy is surly toward him. Antrim tries to justify his actions to Billy. Then Kathleen attempts to explain the basis of her relationship with Antrim to Billy. Antrim proposes and Kathleen accepts. Five years later, a gambler guns down Carlos in a card game in front of Billy but isn't charged. Afterward, Kathleen has Billy talk to journalist Ash Upson. Ash tells Billy the shooter is connected to the Santa Fe Ring, a corrupt network of the rich and powerful. He adds that it could take years to clean up that group and get justice for Carlos. Billy practices his quick draw in front of a mirror. Hattie tells Kathleen that Antrim, one of her regular customers, beat her up. Seeing Kathleen crying, Billy goes to the local whorehouse in search of Antrim. He gives Antrim a beatdown. Antrim informs Kathleen that his big deal fell through and the bank is calling his loans. Still, Kathleen refuses to leave her husband. Upson is leaving town because of death threats, taking his investigation to Silver City. Billy's family is moving to Silver City. En route, Antrim threatens Billy. Then Billy blows the head off a snake and stares down Antrim.

Billy the Kid
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Billy the Kid Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Hurley: You'll need a man to look after you.
Kathleen: I just recently lost my husband, Mr. Hurley. I need to take my family somewhere that has better opportunity. So right now, I don't need anything but a good job and a new home for my boys and me.

Billy: What's that?
Hurley: I don't know. Looks like a dust storm coming?
Billy: Dust storm: What'll that be like?
Hurley: Well, let me just say, if it comes, you'll wish it never came.