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During a flashback, we learn that when Ruth's water broke during her pregnancy, she delivered her child, thought to be a daughter, at Clara's house. When she gave birth to a male, she was unable to kill it on her own and asked Clara to do it. Clara couldn't and left the boy at a church. It was hard to blame her.

Rachel tells Logan they injected her with someone's blood. She's worried it was Elena's and she'll be a werewolf. She's also worried about what she's going to give birth to. She wants out of Logan's life.

Meanwhile, as soon as Savannah mentions the love of her coven and that even Elena said they love her, Aleister lock and keys her. Aleister doesn't like the hold Elena seems to have on Savannah and does some sort of a spell on her.

Paige and Clay are out searching for Savannah and Paige realizes Savannah has passed into womanhood. They're cutting it very close.

Rachel starts to panic and Elena breaks into Savannah's room, which has been receiving more attention to decor. Someone comes looking for Elena and she kills him and escapes.

Clay and Paige argue over how to hunt for their loved ones while Elena suffers from hallucinations inside the compound. Elena is finding her captors and killing them, holding two bats in her hands. Savannah finds Elena but Elena doesn't know if she's real. Savannah assures her she is.

Paige and Clay bond. Paige tells Clay about a boy named Jeff that she knew when she was younger. He gave her ribbons for her hair and she thought about him all the time. Until she became a witch. She made a choice. Clay says when it happens, love, you don't have a choice. And you never want to be alone again. 

Savannah shows Elena herself inside of her cell. Nothing is real. She tells Elena she is a monster who deserves to suffer. She's going to stay there forever. 

Meanwhile, the real Savannah is wearing the same dress Elena is hallucinating (how does that happen?) and preparing for a ceremony. Nobody is watching Rachel, so she and Logan are running free. 

Elena thinks she failed Savannah. The vision of Clay tells Elena she's on her way back now because they're not monsters. They can love. He tells her to keep her bats. She's going to need them. So what was real? She was seeing Savannah. Seeing herself inside of the cell was the illusion. 

Elena finally creates her diversion at the same time Rachel and Logan find the spinning top and stop it. They didn't take the top, though. 

Savannah doesn't want to leave. Elena sees her scratching her arm. Aleister tries killing Paige with a broken mirror but Paige stops him. He reveals his her big brother. She doesn't believe him. 

Paige screams and sends Aleister somewhere. She doesn't know where, but he's gone. Aleister is inside the warehouse we were seeing glimpses of. A lot of people are walking around. He spells one that looks just like him and puts him to sleep. When Paige gets to the warehouse, it looks like he was impaled on a giant stick. He wasn't. 

A girl on the floor wakes up. She has no idea where she is. Paige is going to keep the people asleep so they can transport them somewhere else and hopefully they won't remember what happened here.

Savannah wants to stay friends with Elena. They drive away and Aleister peeks out from the shadows.

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Bitten Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

You witches and your talk of communing with nature and you don't know enough not to wear heels in the forest.


Hidden military bases aren't supposed to be easy to find. If I could I would, but I can't fly around looking for red roofs and lavender.