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On this episode of Bitten we learn a little more about Aleister and his origins with Clara. They were strange into BDSM in order to keep Clara -- young, or something. They captured a girl and did a possession spell of some sort and eventually killed and mummified the girl in the dungeon of Clara's house. Clara is a wonked out woman.

As The Udoing is in full effect, the wolves and witches begin losing their powers, so there is a rush to find Savannah and Aleister to put a stop to what is coming their way. When the witches die, the werewolf curse will be lifted. If the wolves are wolves, they will stay that way forever. It could get dicey. Clay and Elena and Nick and Paige find themselves trapped on different sides of the dungeon door at one point, an that's where Nick realizes how much he loves Paige.

Logan finds Rachel, who initially lies to him about their baby, but later has a change of heart when she finds herself in trouble. Logan decides to be a human and raise his baby that way, and although he's unhappy about losing him, Jeremy ultimately decides to help Logan when he arrives at Stonehaven.

Ruth left for Boston to do her spell to stop Aleister, who in the meantime made his way to Stonehaven. A fight ensues between Aleister searching for Ruth and Jeremy in which Logan intervenes. Logan is impaled with antlers in his wolf form, which Rachel sees. His wounds are too deep to heal with their diminished powers and he dies after transforming back into a human.

Ruth is in the catacombs doing well with the spell and since he's in a lot of pain, Aleister's side decides to go there to try to stop Ruth. Everyone else will likely follow.

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