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Elena is talking about her promonition. She wonders if someone can see this face, or the one covered in blood. Can she ever close her eyes again and not see that vision? Paige says it won't stop. Not until it happens.

Seven months ago

Jeremy wants to eliminate the mutts. The choice will be pack or not being at all. They go about bringing them all into the pack and getting rid of the trash.

Some blonde dude wonders about Elena and beats up someone to chat about her.

Nick heads into suburbia and takes a teddy bear with him. He's going to see Rachel and her son, Rocco. Nice house!

He's arranged it so that she's fake traveling the world, not telling her family about Logan nor letting anyone know she's alive. It's never been done before, keeping a mother in the family.

Elena doesn't like the dictatorship that Jeremy has created. At all.

A wolf named Joey comes to visit and gets killed taking a shot meant for Jeremy.

Elena and Clay take off after the guy in wolf form, but he eventually gets away.

Nick has known Joey since he was a kid. He recalls how hard he worked to train a stutter out of his speech. He was the strongest guy Nick ever knew.

Elena is angry that Clay is going to kill the mutt, but Jeremy has demanded that's what he has to do. She wants to know how she can help him.

Clay and Jeremy torture the fellow to find Eduardo. Watching them rip his nails out is horrible!

The torture works and they discover the location. When Jeremy tells Clay to finish the task and Clay says he'll do it when he gets back, Jeremy isn't pleased about that. But when Clay gets downstairs, the guy has already killed himself. The information is probably false.

A girl named Katia finds Elena. She has come a long way to meet her. Is she the girl werewolf? Her dad is the blonde guy from the beginning. Her brother Alexei is also there. They just want to talk to her. Eduardo on the phone at another location proves that they're there on his behalf.

The boys arrive at the location where they believe Eduardo to be.

Elena meets the man. Sasha Antonov. He says they're her family. He says he is her father.


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Bitten Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

There will no longer be a choice between pack or mutt. The choice will be pack or not being at all.


Hey, come on! Look, hey! You're fake traveling the world. You can send your family postcards from anywhere. Think about it!