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Jeremy is buying tarps and gloves, a shovel and a hatchet at the hardware store. As he's unpacking it and the quick drying cement, just Sharon the former sheriff comes by to say hello. She notes he has some pretty odd looking things in his trunk and offers up the help of youths from the center as assistants. 

Clay thinks they could have just burned the bodies. Oh, no, Jeremy says, he doesn't want to do anything to pique the interest of those nearby with the extra scrutiny in town looking for the Antonovs. Uh, what about the former sheriff?

Dang, that's dirty work, putting cut up bodies into cement chunks and tossing them into the stream.

When Jeremy mentions the Russians, he also says they're there for Elena.

Clay takes Elena to a house surrounded by a nature preserve, a thousand acres of pristine forest. He's buying it for them. Does Jeremy know? About this? Yes. But not her supposed family. She's not ready to tell him.

Roman and Constantine are chatting, noting Elena.

Jeremy and Nick are talking to Carl about his time in Russia. Roman rules with fear. He has district leaders. Constantine is his second in command. The Russian pack is run on money and the briefcases are not as full as they once were.

The Antonovs are waiting for Elena. At least Katia and Alexei believe she is really their sister. Sasha says they were very careful traveling, but somehow Roman knows about them. They need to move. Elena wants to help. Elena needs to tell Jeremy. 

Jeremy is waiting for Elena at the house. He wants her opinion about the mutts. He used to run the Pack like a family, but now he runs it like an army. An Army to protect their family, he says. Then Elena tells him about Sasha. Jeremy cannot believe they have a human girl with them. It's unacceptable. He goes a little bit crazy. He wants to turn them over to Roman. Now.

He demands Elena tell him everything. Now.

Jeremy goes to talk with Sasha while Elena talks to Nick about getting them all new identities and somewhere to go.

Jeremy won't help Sasha and his family. Sasha tells him Roman's vendetta is personal and only between the two of them. The Russians wouldn't come after them if Roman disappeared. So, if he had a dangerous accident while he was here, that would just be a darn shame.

Alexei, who has been getting excited about turning for the first time, discovers he may be left alone. That sends them both to Stonehaven.

Constantine and Nick meet. The Naked Truth. We get to see Nick's naked butt. Oh thank you Steve Lund.

The not-sheriff finds herself face to face with a Russian in a parking lot who says he's a guest at Stonehaven while Alexei challenges Clay and discovers he has a lot ot learn.

Elena goes to Sasha. He wants his kids free, to hear Elena's stories, to have his family together. If not, he will do what he can to finish it. Elena wonders why he won't help her and her family. He made a promise to Roman. He won't go back on his word.

While someone snaps photos of Elena from afar, Jeremy tells her he will not help. Sasha tells her he must go. I'm a little confused about the blood feud. He says if he dies, Roman will stop at nothing until she is dead. but he doesn't seem to think the same is true of his other two children. Confusing.

Jeremy thinks if he fires the first shot, he's starting a war with the Russians. Clay says Elena's family is their family. Jeremy disagrees. He won't start a Pack war over people he didn't know existed two days ago.

Sasha is faced with a wolf. H throws his pen and takes it down. He doesn't kill it and it bites him, allowing Constantine to grab Elena by the throat. Elena gets him a handle on him and says she can't kill him because he's Roman's second in command. Sasha says he's much more important than that.

Jeremy wants to hand over the kids to Roman. Clay is there with them. They panic. As the two are talking, then Elena arrives with Sasha and Constantine, Roman's son. He attacked Elena, put a knife to Elena's throat and he won't let that happen. 

Roman said he was taking control of events, but now Jeremy is taking control of events.


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Bitten Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Sasha: What makes you think Jeremy will want to help us?
Alexei: You're our sister. He'll want to help us. Right? Right?
Elena: I'll handle it.

Elena: When you first saw me, what did you think?
Clay: I was pulled toward you, like no one else.
Elena: I know. I felt it too. Maybe we found each other because my father was a werewolf.
Clay: It doesn't matter. We still found each other.