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Dre is contemplating whipping his son with a belt. The show flashes back to a frantic Rainbow searching a shopping mall for Jack, who's hiding thinking its a game. When Rainbow finds him she tells him when they get home his father will spank him. 

Dre and Rainbow argue over the phone because Dre doesn't want to spank Jack. Rainbow is insistent that Jack needs to be taught a lesson. Dre is upset from the one time he had to spank Junior, who is telling the tale to the rest of the kids. 

Dre wonders where everyone else comes down on spanking. He asks his coworkers if any of them were spanked as kids. Most of them have been and feel they are better off for it. Then they find out Dre was talking about spanking his own kid and they all turn on him. 

They decide against spanking him until the next morning when Jack is missing again. Everyone panics until Jack pops out from under the kitchen sink. Dre tells Jack that when he gets home he's going to whip him. 

The other kids are upset with Jack for messing it up for the rest of them and making spanking a possibility for all of them. Zoey tells Jack to appeal to Rainbow and kill her with his cuteness. It works like a charm and Rainbow tells Dre they can't whip Jack. Dre is now firmly on the side of spanking and manages to pull Rainbow back on his side. 

The other three kids take a stand to try and protect Jack, but Dre threatens to whip all of them. They bail and tell Jack they sold him out. Jack puts on multiple layers of clothing before coming out to receive his punishment. Dre tells him all those clothes aren't going to protect him. 

Dre and Rainbow are on the fence again and Pops offers to do it for them, but Dre refuses to let him to do it. Ultimately Dre decides to talk to Jack and tells him how disappointed he is in him. Jack cries because he never wanted to disappoint him and the other kids assume he was spanked. 

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black-ish Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Oh really? Oh I see, it takes you two hours to find a little black boy, and then you're here in two seconds when I accidentally steal a clutch? Well you know what? I'm keeping it!


He'd hidden again. It was a game to him. A game we all hated called Jack's missing and may be in a white van with no windows.