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The family is watching Zoey's school production of Romeo and Juliet. Pops arrives and he and Ruby are immediately at each other's throats. 

While waiting for the valet to bring their car after dinner, a man cuts in front of Rainbow. Dre tries to stand up for her, but Pops has to step in and tell him off. Ruby is impressed and decides to ride home with him. 

On the ride home, Dre gets the impression that Rainbow was less than impressed with the way he handled the situation with the guy and becomes concerned that she doesn't think he's manly enough. 

Junior informs Zoey that he will be playing Romeo in the next weekend's performance. Though Junior is excited, Zoey is obviously distraught by the idea. 

Dre comes home from work and finds Rainbow mounting their TV, which Dre was supposed to do. Dre is upset when she avoids his kiss and worries that Rainbow is not attracted to him. 

Pops and Ruby return from a picnic and sunset cruise. Dre is worried about them getting along as he knows it will eventually become toxic again.

Dre tires to prove his bravery by taking Rainbow to a dangerous neighborhood, but it backfires when he runs scared from a little girl's dog who just loves giving kisses. 

Dre gives his father an ultimatum to either end things with his mother or get out of his house. Pops backs down and Rainbow tells Dre she was incredible for standing up to him. 


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black-ish Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Ruby:Bless his heart, are you sure he's ours?
Pops: You know there was another black baby in that nursery, but he looked smart. I bet he was ours.

Zoey: That's disgusting. We are not playing star-crossed lovers.
Junior: It's not like we're actually kissing.
Zoey: But I might actually kill myself.