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Dre and Rainbow are going through boxes in the garage and reminiscing. Dre finds Junior's baseball glove and goes to show him, but accidentally walks in on him masturbating. 

Dre tells Rainbow that he accidentally walked in on Junior. She laughs it off and says he's been doing it for awhile and that she and Junior have had the talk. Dre is upset that they had the talk without him. She says Dre is too uptight. 

Dre points out that Zoey doesn't talk to her. In an attempt to prove him wrong, Rainbow tries to tell her that she can talk to her while she's driving her to school. 

Rainbow comes to Zoey's room later and Zoey tells her she could use her advice, but while Zoey's talking to her, she's not listening. She says she'll get back to her, but she has no idea what she said. 

Dre seeks advice from his boss on giving the talk, but he's not helpful. He asks his father who is equally unhelpful. 

Dre comes to talk to Junior and takes his shirt off to prove he's comfortable. 

The twins stand outside the door wondering what "the talk" is. They decide they want the talk too, and go in their room and close the door because they think Junior is getting the talk because he's always in his room with the door closed. 

Junior has his shirt off now too as Dre tells him to get an ugly wing man and never pick movies that could make him cry. 

The twins are frustrated because they've been in their room a whole day and no one has given them the talk. Diane says its time to make something happen (plus she really has to pee). They decide one of them should do something good and one should do something bad. 

Rainbow tries to get Zoey to repeat her problem by pretending she has food in her mouth, but it doesn't work. 

Junior comes to Dre and says he has some follow up questions. He asks about "triceratops" which Dre searches online. He gets freaked out and deletes his search history. 

Rainbow suggests to Zoey that she should consider it from the other person's perspective and say it out loud, which she does, but Rainbow still isn't listening and misses it again. 

Junior spends days asking questions and discussing sex. Dre fears he's unleashed a sex-talking monster. 

Dre begins avoiding Junior by pretending to be asleep and hiding in the laundry room. Ranbow comes in and asks what he's doing and he says watching a movie on his phone because he's hiding from Junior. She threatens to make him fold clothes and he goes to talk to Junior. 

Rainbow finally comes clean to Zoey that she has no idea what she said. Zoey said she figured that out and talked to Pops instead. Rainbow goes to Pops to find out what she said, but Pops said he has no idea. 

Dre tells his son he only wants to talk about the big stuff from now on, he doesn't need the play-by-play and that he should keep going to his mom for the day to day stuff. 

The twins decide to give each other the talk because no one came to give it to them. Jack makes an attempt, but Diane gets bored. 

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HR says if I occasionally ask about your personal lives it reduces the risk of an office shooting.

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Turns out the cat was out of the cradle and it winked at me.