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Dre and Janine bond over the horrible homestay renters that are disrupting the neighborhood. 

Janine wants to call the cops every time there is a disturbance but Dre is insistent he will not involve the police. However, his view changes when his boss Leslie reminds him he is a homeowner, and it is his right to protect his home.

Once a cop validates Dre's rights as a homeowner, he starts to go a little crazy. Jack soon joins his dad in calling the police on every single renter disturbance. 

Everything changes when a group of black people rents the house for a night. Dre refuses to call the cops on them. Jack calls the police on the ruckus, as he and Dre have been doing for days.

Dre is forced to explain the Jack the difference between calling the cops on white people and black people. He also informs his son that people will think he doesn't belong because of the color of his skin.

Jack begins to understand, but Dre is crushed to have had to have a racism talk with his young son.

Diane has her first crush and goes to Zoey for help. Bow is hurt Diane won't talk to her. 

Zoey ignores Diane in mid crush crisis, and so Diane goes to Bow for advice. Mother and daughter bond over first crushes.

Bow is livid with Zoey for blowing off Diane. She makes it clear Zoey has a responsibility to her younger sister.

The three Johnson women get ice cream and discuss Diane's first crush. 

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black-ish Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Janine: The Kelly’s really screwed us when they decided to rent out their house. I mean these people leave pizza boxes on the lawn, and they park in front of my driveway. Last weekend there was a party, I found human poo in my garden.
Dre: It could have been animal.
Janine laughing: Oh Dre! I think I know the difference.
Dre: I can’t believe I am agreeing with you, but this does need to be handled.
Janine: That is why I am talking to all the neighbors, and we are going to call the police.
Dre: Nope. Good luck with your white people fight. Keep my name out of it.

Jack: What are you doing?
Dre: Can you believe how far this Airbnb lady parked her car in the street? It has got to be over 3 feet from the curb. Hey, you want to help me measure it before I call it into the police?
Jack: Woah, I thought Johnson’s don’t snitch?
Dre: Don’t be ignorant. It is not snitching when you are a homeowner.
Jack: Oh, ok cool.