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The Johnsons drop Junior off at Howard college and enjoy a couple of days of being tourists in Washington D.C. 

However, just when Dre is starting to miss Junior, the boy drops a bomb on his parents by announcing he is taking a gap year. Oh, yes Junior is waiting when his family returns home, much to the surprise of everyone except Zoey. 

Bow and Dre have a difficult time figuring out how to get Junior back to school. Bow uses the mom card and plays to her oldest son's sensitive side. When that doesn't work, Dre is determined to drag him back to college.

Zoey gleefully reminds her parents Junior is 18 and an adult. Her words prompt Dre to talk to Junior like a man. The conversation goes badly. It ends with Dre giving Junior an ultimatum. He must either go back to school or move out. 

Pops overhears Dre and Bow talking about Junior and ends up being the voice of reason. He reminds them that their son is on his own path. Pops also reassures them that they have raised an honest, strong man. It is time for them to trust their son.

After Bow and Dre doing some begging, yes begging, Junior agrees not to move out while he takes his gap year. There is one catch though. Junior has to share a room with Jack.

Ruby convinced the twines they are too old to share a room. Despite their initial hesitation, both Jack and Diane agreed they needed some space since they were growing up.

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black-ish Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Bow: What are you doing home?
Dre: How the hell did you get home?
Junior: I used the emergency credit card to book a flight.
Bow: What is the emergency?
Junior: I wasn't really feeling college right now.
Bow: What theā€¦?
Zoey: Not to brag, but I predicted this on Twitter three days ago. I'm a prophet.

Dre: What do you mean there is no plan?
Bow: Junior has no plan.
Dre: I will tell you what the plan is. He is taking his ass back to college!
Bow: Damn Skippy he is! How do you think this looks? I am Dr. Rainbow Johnson.
Dre: Yes, you are!
Bow: I went to Brown University. I went to USC Medical School. People know my name. I have a reputation to uphold. My kids go to college!
Dre: Yeah, they do! Wait a minute, even Jack?