Watch Black-ish Season 1 Episode 3 to see Dre's hilarious attempts at finding black friends for Junior and Rainbow try to convince Diane to become a doctor.

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Watch Black-ish Season 1 Episode 3 online right now via TV Fanatic to see Dre try to woo some kids back to his house for snacks. How well do you think that goes when a mom mistakes the whole exchange? Dre makes a new friend at work, but he's doesn't exactly have the best manners. He does however have a son Junior's age. Will Dre's plan to get his son a black friend work or will it back-fire?
Rainbow is upset to learn that Diane doesn't want to be a doctor like her, but an advertising executive like her father. Rainbow decides to bring her to the hospital in an attempt to change her mind, but will it work? Her decision involves choosing between watching a wrestling match between Justin Bieber and Kevin Durant's dog and a man with a hatchet in his skull. Which one of those will be most impressive to the young Diane? Watch Black-ish Season 1 Episode 3 online now to get the answers to these questions via some pretty funny interactions and dialogue.

Episode Details

After realizing that Andre Jr. is clueless about "the nod" Dre decides to expand his circle of black friends on Black-ish.

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0 (10 Votes)
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black-ish Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Just looking for some young black boys to bring back to my house.


Stupid child molesters. Can't even invite kids back to your house for delicious snacks anymore.