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Lynn wanted Jefferson to not help out the streets anymore, and Jefferson agreed. 

However, Lawanda, a former student was upset when her daughter was taken by The 100. 

Lala was instructed to clean up, and he murdered Will before trying to get Jefferson's daughters. 

Lawanda was killed and Black Lightning suited up because he felt awful. 

Lynn wanted him to stop suiting up, but he ultimately said that he had to remain in costume to keep everyone safe, so Lynn stormed out. 

It turned out Lawanda had left her phone to record the video of her death and Tobias murdered Lala in the police station as a result of it. 

Anissa turned to her girlfriend to let her know that she was scared about what was going to happen to her. 

Anisa then went to the pharmacy to get drugs, but it was robbed, and she used her powers to save everyone inside. 

Jennifer agreed to date Khalil, but he was not impressed when he learned that she was drinking in school. 

Black Lightning
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