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Jefferson continued to try and find out what Tobias was really up to. 

He struggled because of what happened to his father and thought it was best to get the revenge he so desperately deserved. 

Gambi and Lynn managed to talk Jefferson down at the last second, but he had to rush to save Lynn. 

Anissa found herself fighting with her father when she went to reveal the truth to her mother. 

Jennifer continued to try and come to terms with what happened to Khalil, but he tried to make fun of her online. 

Jennifer then dumped Khalil, but she struggled to move on. 

Anissa attended a march to try and get people to change their stance on the laws in America. 

A young woman was killed at the event, and Anissa later returned to blow up the statue. 

Gambi met up with Lady Eve to make sure the Jefferson family was well out of her hit list, but she seemed coy about the whole thing. 

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Tobias: What the hell happened to you?
Joey: I just fought Black Lightning. One more minute and he would have been dead. Something’s wrong with his head.
Tobias: So, why didn’t you finish him?
Joey: I tried, I was holding my own. He trashed my gun. I tipped our guy at the department.
Tobias: There was a time you could depend on white boys to be professional. Nowadays, white boys are just as lazy and predictable as your brothers.

Jefferson: Tobias is in Freeland, Gambi.
Gambi: Breathe, Jefferson, Breathe!