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Black Lightning follows the silver liquid and finds two bodies hanging form trees. He's going off to find the other baby while Anissa protects the other.

Black Lightning uses his invisibility ability to hide from the Sange.

He appears and uses his electric powers to fight. His suit malfunctions and he's knocked out by the Sange.

Jennifer visits Perenna for advice about Khalil; she doesn't want to talk to her parents about it since they keep her hidden in the home. She's afraid her powers will be exposed by nearing Khalil.

Gambi listens to conversations about Jefferson Pierce.

Looker holds Jefferson hostage in her hideout's basement. They have a conversation about race; he calls her a racist.

Lynn helps clean up the baby, but the silver blood from Deacon in the vial moves toward the baby.

Looker and the Sange torture Jefferson with electricity to get the whereabouts of the other baby. Looker uses her powers to make a connection to the baby. They leave on the electricity in hopes to kill Jefferson.

Jefferson was faking his death the whole time. He broke from the chains to knock out the Sange. He rescues the other baby.

Khalil doesn't want to hold Jennifer back from the life she could be living. She forces him to hold off from leaving. He's going to plead to the priest to leave Freeland one more time before he leaves as well.

Jefferson warns Anissa about the baby and Looker. He thinks they have a strange connection together.

The reverand refuses to leave town after Khalil pleads. When he leaves the church, Tobias demands he get inside the car. Khalil takes off; he calls Jennifer as a heads-up.

Jefferson leaves the baby with Deputy Chief Henderson.

Tobias sends members of the 100 out to kill Khalil; they follow his tracking chip. Jennifer uses her powers to knock out the lights and lure Khalil.

Thunder and Looker fight in the abandoned mall. Thunder throws Looker against a wall and she's staked by a metal shelf. All of the Sange return to normal. They're going to give the body to the A.S.A.

Aniyah's father holds a burial for the fallen few, including his wife. Aniyah returns to them with her babies; her father welcomes them back.

Grace and Anissa enjoy quality time together, but Grace's power start to react. She takes her pills to quell the skin.

Jefferson finds Gambi at the motel; he used the live transmitter he found in the forest to track Gambi. Gambi fakes his death to find out who tried to assassinate him.

Jennifer is missing from her home. Lynn and Jefferson visit Perenna to find out what happened to Jennifer.

Perenna warns Jefferson and Lynn that they need to stop pushing Jennifer away because without proper guidance, her powers will react. Jennifer is stronger than Jefferson.

Jennifer and Khalil hide out together; they kiss each other and her poower shock him. The pair leave Freeland.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Anissa: Are you okay?
Jefferson: Damn...
Anissa: What?
Jefferson: Let’s just say, someone clearly drew a line in the sand.
Anissa: Well, maybe you should turn back?
Jefferson: No. What about the baby?
Anissa: You are always telling me to be strategic and not stubborn. Now I’m telling you, you are not safe going after them alone.

Looker: Wake up!
[She taps Jefferson awake]
Looker: I need to know where the other baby is. Hmmm? You have to admit the irony is amazing. You getting electrocuted.
[They shock him and turn it off]
Looker: Where’s the baby?
[Looker’s connection power manifests]
Looker: The baby ... I can sense her. Let’s go! Flip the switch again; leave on it on until he dies.