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Khalil and Tobias are playing a game of chess. Khalil explains where he was when Syonide was killed. Tobias slaps around Khalil with each chess move.

One of the people in the pods wakes up and blasts a scientist with an energy beam; both the scientist and the boy from the pod die. A girl, who is also from the pod, wakes up. The girl is afraid and uses her powers to break through a brick wall to escape.

Wendy Hernandez is the escaped girl from the pod. She was in the pod for 30 years and she can control the wind.

Agent Odell has captured Issa Williams and brought him to a room to be questioned by Lynn.

Anissa wants to go for a run to improve her health. She and Jennifer discuss the benefits and negatives of having powers.

Lynn invites Issa's sister Tiffany to chat with him; Issa is going through withdrawals. Issa's powers cause Tiffany to tell the truth; she never wants to see Issa again.

Anissa woos a singer at a party; they hook up. She's invited to a follow-up party to be with the singer, Zoe.

Napier asks Jefferson to fully approve Garfield's new replacement principal in public. The new replacement from the board is a white guy.

Peter has deduced a few places that Wendy could be hiding in. Jefferson and Anissa suit up as Black Lightning and Thunder for the search.

Khalil visits Jennifer, but she pushes him off a roof. He says that he still has feelings for her and he wants her to admit the same too. Her powers start to react and she demands him to leave.

Tobias visits his former right-hand Marcellas; he says that he's close to making an army of meta-humans. Tobias kills him to tie up loose ends regarding the Pierce murder.

Wendy's powers cause destruction down a street; Black Lightning and Thunder clean up the mess. Thunder basks in the praise from the people.

Lynn invites Issa for dinner. Whenever he stares into someone's eyes, they tell the truth; the family descends into a fight. Jenn figures out that Issa looking away loses its effect, but his neck still glows whenever someone asks a question.

At the party, Grace is working as a waiter and sees Anissa/Zoe together. She's heartbroken and walks away.

Detective Summers gives Tobies evidence from police lock-up. Tobias kills him to clean up loose ends.

The teachers are upset that Jefferson will no longer be the principal.

Lynn reveals that the meta-human abilities acquired by green light are unstable and will result in death. Issa can either enter a pod until a cure is found or die when his cells unstabilize. 

Wendy and Jefferson battle it out. Jefferson talks some sense into her to stop fighting. Wendy decides to go back into the pod.

Issa decides to take his chances instead of going into one of the pods.

Jefferson chastises Anissa for her reckless ways.

Jefferson explains to the school that he will remain on as a teacher. The school is shocked at first, but they cheer him on and support him.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Tobias: Listen carefully.
[Tobias slaps him]
Tobias: Check! Actions have consequences. You have to anticipate.
[Khalil moves his chess piece and Tobias slaps him]
Tobias: Check. Move!
[Khalil moves his piece and Tobias moves closer to him]
Tobias: Checkmate. You lose! You let me take your queen. Just like how you let that b**** take Syonide from me.
[He knocks Khalil to the floor]

Jennifer: I’m stuck in here until the wardens release me, but ... hey! Hey! By the way, why do we have wardens plural?
Anissa: I don’t know.
Jennifer: What’s going on with Mom and Dad? Are they getting back together?
Anissa: It’s kinda cute. I think I heard them the other night. I HEARD them good.
Jennifer: ‘Cause they’ve been walking around all emo-like; they’re sexually frustrated.
[Anissa and Jenn laugh]