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Jennifer and Khalil head to a farmhouse to hide out. The cut Khalil got from Cutter has caused a fever.

Lynn calls Jefferson to find out what happens to Jennifer; she gets upset when there's no update. Gambi thinks they might seek medical help when he finds the blood splatter in the kitchen.

Lynn visits Khalil's home to chat with his mother. She learns that Khalil had an older brother who died while working with the 100. His father ran out on the family. Lynn takes a photo of his parent.

Todd, a candidate for a grant, loses out on the opportunity to a rich person. He finds a note in his car from Tobias inviting him to Club 100.

Jennifer uses her electric powers to hack into a hospital's medicine dispensary. She spots Anissa and Jefferson, but she slips by them. Cutter follows behind her.

Jennifer prepares a syringe to inject Khalil with the antibiotics. Later at night, they reminisce about the time they met.

Gambi reviews the security footage and spots Jenn and Cutter. He stops Jefferson from using his powers out in public to fly around in search of Jenn.

Cutter has found Khalil and Jennifer.

Todd visits Club 100 and Tobias tries to woo him with the opportunity to advance outside of his current situation. Giselle Cutter calls Tobias about Khalil's upcoming death, but Tobias demands that she bring in Khalil alive.

Gambi unveils information about Cutter to Jefferson and Anissa. Reports state that she is rumored to be a metahuman with low-level telekinesis.

Lynn searches for Khalil's father in the database. She steals one of Gambi's guns.

Jennifer cries over the situation, but she hears static in the woods. Her concentration leads her back into the magical world with Perenna and a doppelganger who is her confident self.

Her powers lead her to spot the electric ions of batteries and people. She runs away after spotting Cutter's mark.

Jennifer uses her powers to knock out Cutter.

Jefferson, Anissa, and Gambi are unable to find Jennifer in their search.

Jennifer interrogates Cutter into finding out how to cure Khalil. She knocks out Cutter and takes the cure from her necklace.

Lynn meets with Kito Payne (Khalil's father) and finds out about Khalil's place.

Gambi increases the voltage detection in Black Lightning's sensors. He sees one of the locations blinking rapidly; he and Thunder drive off to search.

Khalil is feeling a lot better. Jennifer says that she loves him; they leave once he feels better.

Lynn breaks down on the phone when Jefferson can't confirm if Jennifer died in the barn.

Todd initially declines to work with Tobias, but Tobias adds a $100,000 into his account. Todd agrees to the job.

Khalil wants Jennifer to return home, but she refuses. They're going to stick it out together.

A metahuman kills a bunch of people within a bar. He apparates in and out of fighting. He gets a call to go to Freeland.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Tobias: Here, I’ve saved you the best seat of the house.
[Todd sits down in between two women and they touch him]
Todd: Oh... oh...
Tobias: Now, if these women aren’t to your liking, I can get you others. Or, if you prefer men?
Todd: No, no, but thank you. I actually prefer to not be touched. That would be my preference.
Tobias: Ladies, you heard the man. Go.
[The ladies get up and leave]
Tobias: This is what they call the good life, Todd. And you better get used to it because that old life doesn’t exist anymore.

Khalil: Hey.
[Jennifer cries and pulls him into a hug]
Jennifer: Thank you, God.
Khalil: Don’t cry.
Jennifer: I thought you were dead.
Khalil: Come on, Jenn. You know you can’t get rid of me that easily.
[They hug and kiss]
Jennifer: I love you.
Khalil: I love you too.
Jennifer: Don’t scare me like that, please. Don’t leave me out here.
Khalil: I got you. It’s okay.