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The chapter is called "Grab The Strap."

Jefferson is drinking, recording a video, and reminiscing about his past. He reveals the news stations called him "Black Lightning" and he's not the biggest fan of the name. He talks about his bumpy relationship with Lynn and the plight of addiction.

Jefferson's video is, in fact, a video call with Gambi.

Major Grey gives amnesty to Jefferson's group and the information on Painkiller. Jefferson refuses further help from ASA agents.

The Markovian general shocks Lynn after she doesn't want to help him. Gravedigger, a dangerous metahuman, has taken over the operations of the Markovian base. There are 94 metahuman pods at the Markovian base.

Gravedigger's ability forces someone to perform an action against their will. He orders Lynn to work on the stabilization cure.

Khalil is catching up on the news while he's been away. Jennifer asks him to join the mission, but he declines the offer. He's worried about harming others since Painkiller is still in his head.

Dr. Jace informs Lynn about Gravedigger's powers. Lynn takes "Glimmer" to overpower Gravedigger's control; Dr. Jace is worried that Lynn could OD. Lynn wants to use their time to find a way for them to escape.

Erika rejects T.C. in the cafeteria.

Jennifer is mad at Anissa for not telling her the truth about Khalil/Painkiller.

Gardner chastises Brandon for his weak performance in the simulation. Brandon lashes back at him for his involved in the ASA killing innocent kids. Before they're able to fight, Jefferson interrupts them.

Khalil packs his bags to leave Freeland. Jefferson apologizes to Khalil for not doing enough, but Khalil rejects it since it's not Jefferson's fault.

Gravedigger uses his powers to interrogate Lynn, but under her glimmer, she lies to get blood from him for her tests.

Major Grey informs Jefferson that the mission will also need to save Tobias as well.

T.C. gives Erika boots to help with her vibration. He spots the mark on her neck, but she kicks him out of the room. Gardner has the room bugged and sees the video recording.

Khalil joins the rescue mission to save Lynn. Anissa is cautious, but Gambi has a fail switch to end him if neededd.

Gardner reveals to Jefferson about Major Grey's kill order to Gardner and in Erika's chip. T.C. knew about the chip and deactivated; he's not into Erika that way.

Brandon starts freaking out on the plane; his earth powers are reacting while being in the air. Khalil knocks him out to help him rest.

Gambi gives Jefferson a motivational speech to calm him down.

Dr. Jace administers the vaccine to Lynn.

Jefferson divides the group into two factions to search for Lynn and Tobias.

Grace, while in disguise, sneaks into the security room and eliminates all the guards.

Black Lightning, Thunder, and Erika have a hard time breaking through a door. Brandon runs off to search for Dr. Jace with Gardner running after him. Khalil and Jennifer run off to search for Lynn.

Erika is packed with power from Thunder's attacks and breaks through the door.

Lynn, while using her new powers from Gravedigger, places the Markovian general under her control. She implants the electrical device in his neck.

Khalil can feel the guards coming; Jennifer runs off after knocking them out. He gets into a fight with Gravedigger.

Tobias tells Black Lightning that he knows about his real identity since it's pretty obvious. He saves Tobias from his cell.

Gardner stops Brandon before he's able to kill Dr. Jace. Gardner takes the both of them back to the others.

Gravedigger defeats Khalil and knocks him into another hallway. A door separates them.

Gravedigger shoots three electrical blasts at Black Lightning and knocks him out.

Lightning and Lynn reunite. Lynn orders the general to shock himself until he passes out.

Gravedigger ambushes the plane and demands that Lynn stay or else he'll kill them all. Lynn agrees to stay behind, but Black Lightning arrives to defeat Gravedigger. Gravedigger is killed by Black Lightning's electric shock.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Brandon: Is your name Jace?
Dr. Jace: It is! What can I do for you?
Brandon: You can die, b****!
[Brandon uses his power to shake the earth]
Gardner: Stop! Brandon, stop! Stop!
[Gardner knocks him out]
Dr. Jace: Who the hell is that?!

Gravedigger: By the way you’re standing, you’re not all there. Biotics … lots of them. Not enough nervous system for me to push. Not enough sense to run. Clearly, you’re what they call a “millennial.”
Khalil: You talk too much.