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Black Lightning tells Gambi on the radio about his adventures during Crisis on Infinite Earths, but Gambi doesn't respond. He uses his powers to break into Freeland's barrier.

Jennifer is trapped in the white wave. She calls out for help and promises to use her powers to stop Agent Odell.

Jennifer rematerializes in Anissa's apartment. Jefferson prevents Jennifer from going after Odell since they can't find Anissa or Lynn.

Jefferson and Jennifer explain to Gambi that they were in alternate realities. They're covered in strange anti-matter. Gambi has no memory of the Crisis or the others going to new universes. Jennifer switches her suit to Gambi's Lightning suit.

The ASA general informs Agent Odell that they've been unable to chip and drug the metahumans since the insurgency has prevented the shipments. Also, with Lynn's help, the metahumans can't be stabilized.

Lynn drops a vial of green liquid and it breaks on the ground when Jennifer walks into the room. Lynn breaks down in tears; her addiction has made her erratic.

Blackbird is ambushed by some guards; she takes them down, but Black Lightning steps in to stop the final guard. Anissa has no memory of the Crisis either.

The ASA is pushing their scientist to achieve an 80% success rate with their metahuman stabilization cure.

T.C. uses his ability to break into Gambi's tailor shop and lab. His powers uncover the obituary of his fake death.

Lynn gives Jennifer the cure to stabilize Brandon.

An earthquake shakes up Freeland. Blackbird wants to stop another shipment of shipments to the metahumans. During a phone call, Jennifer plans to stop the earthquakes, but she wants Jefferson to go visit Lynn.

Jennifer gives Brandon the vaccine; the earthquakes stop as a result.

Jefferson finds the smashed glass of Green Light.

T.C. went searching for Gambi because the ASA was doing door-to-door checks. Gambi calmed T.C. down from an anxiety attack. Gambi lets T.C. stay at the tailor apartment.

Jefferson finds Lynn searching frantically in the bedroom. He stops Lynn from taking Green Light; she lashes out at him and slaps him. He throws the pills in the toilet, but Lynn reaches in to try to grab it. Lynn rushes out of the house and Jefferson has to join the insurgency mission.

The ASA sends an agent and a controlled metahuman (Travis) to capture Jennifer. They plan to chip Jennifer.

Henderson tried to make Black Lightning speak at the insurgency meeting, but Blackbird pulls him aside to her authority. The pair bicker in the hallway.

T.C. finds Black Lightning's and Thunder's outfits in Gambi's lab. T.C. wants to help Gambi trace the person who tried to kill Gambi.

Tranquilizer darts hit Jennifer and Brandon, making them unconscious.

Blackbird encourages the group to free the metahuman children from their cages.

Jennifer and Brandon wake up in a security truck with metahuman collars around their necks. Jennifer uses her powers to break the collars and escape the van. Her energy ability causes her to phase and the bullet goes right through her.

An ASA agent tackles Travis to stop him from hurting Jennifer and Brandon. Travis starts reacting to his chip and dies.

The insurgency swarms the holding facility to try to free the trapped metahuman kids. Blackbird and Black Lightning fight the guards to help the kids move through the cells.

Gambi warns T.C. to not push himself with technology and to start enjoying life.

Jefferson tells Anissa that he is proud of her. The two bury the hatchet and find peace.

T.C. uses his abilities to keep searching, but he collapses after finding the identity: Lady Eve. His powers are unstable and need the vaccine.

Jennifer tells Agent Odell that she won't work with him again. She blasts him with her electricity, but it was a hologram.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Jefferson: This is going to be hard to believe. Jenn and I were in alternate dimensions.
Gambi: What? How?! [Laughs] When?
Jefferson: We just got back.
Gambi: I have no memory of you being gone.
Jefferson: Right, that’s because there’s no longer any multi-dimensions. Each world, each dimension was wiped out one-by-one until there was nothing left. And then one world, one dimension, was created. We don’t have time to get into this right now because Jenn wants to kill Odell.

Lynn: My side effects are increasing. Hallucinations, agitations, sweats, dry mouth. I’m going to tweak the dosage and see…
Jennifer: Mom…
[Lynn drops the vials and it breaks]
Lynn: No! Dammit! Look what you made me do, little girl! That was all I had! That was all I had!!! [Sobbing]