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The chapter is called "Motherless ID."

Dr. Jace conducts a video journal about how if Lynn is successful in her cure, Dr. Jace will be killed by the Markovians. Dr. Jace plans to fake a connection with Lynn, but Lynn starts a physical fight instead.

Dr. Jace claims that she included the DNA code in Cyclotronic that helped to create the metahuman cure.

The Markovian general shocks her with a collar. He reveals that Agent Odell poisoned her with Green Light; he found out by internal spies. He leaves her a Green Light pill.

T.C. and Gambi reveals to Jennifer that the ASA chip is connected to Khalil's brain; it cannot be removed. Jennifer is mad that everyone kept the secret from her. T.C has to use his powers to go into Khalil's mind.

Jefferson and Anissa get a message from "Lynn" for help. Sergeant Gardiner is the one who sent the mention; he tells them that Lynn was taken. He tells them about Tobias's part in the cure.

Jefferson agrees to speak with Sergeant Grayle and the ASA, but he needs to meet Major Grey on his terms in a safe location.

A Markovian doctor inserts a glowing green liquid into Tobias.

Lynn tries resisting the Green Light pill, but Dr. Jace begs her to take the pill or give her the cure formula. Lynn refuses as she would rather die than weaponize metahumans.

T.C. finds the root file for the Painkiller program in Khalil's mind. If the program is removed with a backup, Khalil will be braindead. T.C. dives deep into the mind and finds Painkiller fighting back.

T.C. is left shaken; Jennifer deduces that the hallway Painkiller is hiding in is Khalil's old apartment. T.C. needs Jennifer's help to create an electric firewall.

Anissa is mad that Jefferson didn't stay behind to help Lynn when he found out about her Green Light addiction. Jefferson thought he would have the time to help her deal through it.

T.C. goes back into Khalil's mind; Painkiller starts a fight again, but Jennifer delivers an electric shock to lock him in a firewall. T.C. dances and celebrates.

A male nurse from The Pit was the spy for Markovia. Major Grey offers to team-up with Jefferson and Anissa to bring Lynn and Tobias back. The deal is that anyone who Jefferson brings on the mission is exempt from the ASA, all their information and details are wiped from the system. Major Grey agrees.

Jefferson tells Jennifer that Lynn was taken. Jennifer volunteers herself and Brandon to join Jefferson's rescue mission. Gambi joins the team too; he is fluent in the language and has a history.

Grace wants to join the mission too, but Anissa refuses to protect her. Grace fights Anissa to show her strength. Grace demands that she goes too; Anissa reluctantly agrees.

Dr. Jace reveals that the Colonel plans to lobotomize Tobias.

One of Lynn's metahumans is chipped and instructed with the order to kill Lynn.

Lynn decides to take the Green Light as she doesn't have the medication to successfully survive the withdrawal.

Jefferson and the group band together at the lab unveil their new group of heroes.

T.C. heads back into Khalil's mind when he hasn't woken up from the firewall. Khalil, his inner mind, reveals that he doesn't want to leave his mind to keep everyone safe.

Jennifer wants to go into Khalil's mind to free him. Gambi thinks her ability to form into pure energy, but if she goes in there and shuts his mind, Jennifer will die. Jennifer wants to do it.

Jennifer visits Khalil's mind and begs him to return with her. As he leaves the apartment, Painkiller shows him memories of the atrocities that he committed, including killing his mother. He says that Khalil will be nothing without him.

Khalil chooses to leave with Jennifer and T.C. Khalil wakes up from his coma. Khalil is still highly toxic to the touch with his poison.

Khalil says that he can't be with Jennifer since he is poison.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Khalil: Jenn, we … we can’t be together. There is a monster inside of me.
Jennifer: Khalil…
Khalil: I’m literally poison.
[Khalil leaves]

Lynn: Yeah, well, my mistake for you having compassion.
Dr. Jace: I don’t foresee that being a problem. Actually, a prefer you on the glimmer. That obsessive need for answers; it’s not unlike how I see the world.
Lynn: I am nothing like you!
Dr. Jace: Honestly, you may be the only person I’ve ever met as smart as me. I know I’m not … easy … to work with, but I am trying to help you.