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Tavon sends a video message to his parents from the Purdi community.

Agent Odell uses computer technology to search for potential identities of Blackbird. One of the segmented members is Anissa.

Two officers from the ASA try to fight Painkiller, but he defeats them and injects one with venom. Agent Odell stops the fight before Painkiller kills him. He sends Painkiller to search for Blackbird.

Erica, a metahuman with the ability to use kinetic energy to create barriers, is performing an experiment with Lynn. Her powers overreact and shes implodes. It turns out to be a nightmare of Lynn's; she takes some Green Light and rushes to the lab.

"Truthteller" blasts a broadcast revealing the ASA held people as prisoners and that Blackbird saved lives.

Jennifer's senses slow down due to the absorption of power. She wants to take a sick day, but Jefferson makes her go.

Lynn thinks she's discovered the cure to creating the metahuman vaccine. Unfortunately, the DNA needed to pull the specific ingredient is located in Patient 49, one of the original test subjects.

While conducting a press conference, the crowd starts booing and throwing food at Deputy Chief Henderson.

Tavon's parents reveal to Jefferson that their family was cleared of the metagene a month prior. The ASA and Tavon's accuser took him regardless of the truth.

Anissa administers a vaccine on Grace to help control the transformation. "Shonda" is the home system at Anissa's apartment. Gambi plans to watch Grace and help with her transformations.

Jennifer's powers overreact and she short-circuits the computer lab.

Patient 49 is revealed to be Tobias.

Deputy Chief Henderson arrests the bartender for selling contraband and throwing the tomato during his press conference.

Blackbird gives the pastor money and vaccines to help people; she gives the same to Aniyah. Jefferson asks her to bring Tavon back to Freeland. Tavon agrees to come back.

Tobias toys with Lynn about her causing the death of Pod Kids. Lynn administers the youth serum to Tobias with the goal of getting the DNA she needs.

Painkiller intercepts Blackbird bringing Tavon back. The two fight, but Tavon gets infected by the toxin in the process.

Agent Odell visits Anissa with assumptions of who Blackbird could be. When he leaves, it's revealed that Grace shapeshifted into Anissa to deceive Agent Odell.

Deputy Chief Henderson arrests the Reverand for his part in helping people escape the city.

Tobias deduces that Lynn's family are the superheroes Black Lightning, Thunder, and Lightning. He makes a promise that when he kills Black Lightning and Jefferson, he will let her daughters go in peace.

Tavon dies from Painkiller's toxin.

Lynn retrieves the DNA she needs from Tobias. She demands to Agent Odell that when she's done with Tobias, she wants him dead.

The students of Garfield protest the ASA when they find out Tavon died. Jefferson steps in when one kid gets hit by a gun. Randy stops Jennifer from getting involved in the fight; he absorbs some of her power. Jefferson gets beat up by the ASA guards.

Agent Odell takes Lightning to the location of the ASA agents to fight them.

Deputy Chief Henderson is revealed to have led the insurgency in Freeland. The Reverand and the bartender join the fight when Blackbird appears.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

They say that, “In every revolution, there is one man with a vision.” I thought that was Black Lightning. But after being here, I think the only way to save Freeland is if humans and Metas work together side-by-side to stop the ASA.


Painkiller: “Five-point Exploding Heart” technique. Take five steps and boom!
Officer: Are you serious?
Painkiller: [Laughs] No. No, I’m not serious. Downloaded Blackbelt Theater last night. I mean, what’s knowledge without a little culture. Am I right?
[The officer falls to his knees and chokes on the venom]
Painkiller: Oh? That’s right. My venom coursing through your veins right now must make it difficult for you to think.