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Black Sails
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Black Sails Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Flint: She was writing about me.
Miranda: Do you think?
Flint: I suppose I can't blame her, a girl her age with what she's been through. It's a credit to her that she can function at all.

Silver: Why?
Vincent: I thought you made it clear what I was to do.
Silver: How the fuck could you have thought that?
Vincent: You said he could sink us. You gave me a look.
Silver: Let me see if I have this. Flint gives an order, but to get you men to follow it I need to come down here, put on a show and convince you it's in your interest? But I give you a look, and you're willing to murder a man over it?
Vincent: I listen to Flint because you tell me it's in my interests. I listen to you, because I know you give a shit about my interests and I ain't the only one that thinks that way.