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Jane is still processing the news that she could be Taylor Shaw and Kurt explains some personal things to her about his father. 

Patterson is shocked when her boyfriend goes through her work and tries to make sense of the tattoos. Patterson lets this slip to Mayfair who uses it against her later when she is trying to get details on Jane's case. Mayfair threatens her. 

Patterson comes to the conclusion that Jane isn't Taylor because a marking on her teeth say that she is from Africa. 

A tattoo leads them to a company who specializes in chemicals. A man died 3 years previously and the team find themselves in a UV room which shows information on Jane's face. The writing is codes for viruses in the world. 

It is revealed that Rebecca was a bio terrorist and she goes on the run, before killing herself and her partner. 

The team try to contain a virus outbreak, but Patterson informs Kurt that Frank bought a plane ticket and Kurt confronts him. Frank states that the earth shouldn't be able to survive some diseases and the world has changed. 

Jane opens up to Kurt about some flashes of memory she's been having.

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Edgar: Honestly, the idea of having her armed in the field is making me nervous.
Kurt: She can handle herself.

When I say it's too dangerous, it's too dangerous.