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Patterson makes it clear that she wants to stay in work and is given one more day to work with the team as part of the case. She is thanful and springs straight into action in order to find David's killer. 

Carter steps up his harassment of Tasha and it leads to her handing in her notice to the FBI. 

Jane realizes she needs Kurt and kisses him. They are interrupted by his nephew, and then Jane is kidnapped by Carter. He tortures her, but the day is saved when the tree tattoo man shows up and kills him.

He shows Jane a video of herself, saying that everything is going to plan and not to worry. 

Jane looks shocked, but happy at knowing what is going on. 

Before Carter is killed, Jane had a flashback of a party in which she hears about Orion and it leads to her remembering more. 

Mayfair realizes she needs to help Patterson get through it and offers to take her home. Patterson agrees and they both leave. 

Edgar seems to be bored of Tasha being different with him and ignores her when she needs him the most. 

Jane takes down Kate after a tense fight.

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

These tattoos. They've saved a lot of lives.


I've done my job. Now, you do yours.