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- David specifically asked that a sheep be placed on Patterson's dessert - he created a scavenger hunt

- Patterson goes to David's apartment - when she can't get in, she tries to climb up the fire escape - apparently Patterson is super strong

- Sarah goes to see Reade but he keeps telling her he doesn't love her so she leaves

- the DA interrupts Zapata gambling ring and he again threatens to arrest her if she doesn't help him to investigate Mayfair

- Mayfair stops a guy from abusing a woman at a bar and that woman ask Mayfair to have a drink with her

- Patterson finds the next clue in David's fire place

- It's fun to see Mayfair flirt in up and in the real world - she gets Alexandra's number

- Zapata calls out the DA about being power hungry and that's why he wants to take down Mayfair and the bureau

- Jane is spending the day with Oscar eating Chinese food and slow dancing

- Reade gets a package with a phone in it that has a picture of him and Sarah - then he gets a phone calling telling him to destroy the file from the traffic camera people that Mayfair requested

- Patterson is kidnapped by a shop owner who's shop is part of David's clues

- The team realizes that Patterson is missing and the show plays a trick on us because Patterson is no longer in the store where the team is but luckily they are able to save her

- Reade tells Mayfair about the threats he's received and she believes him

- Oscar wants Jane to convince Weller that she is having memories - they can't seem to keep their hands off each other

- Patterson and Ghost David have a hearfelt goodbye

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Patterson: Why didn't you tell me all your stuff had been moved?
David: I don't know anything you don't know.

Oh great, there's a powerpoint.