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Patterson cracks a tattoo that is the seal of a collegiate secret society called Daedalus. One of the society's members is Rich Dotcom, forcing Weller to spring him from prison. Rich says that the tattoo contains a version of a risk-reward formula the society created. The modified version determines the optimal time to start a war.

Rich explains that Daedalus will be having a meeting at the university where the conspirators will obviously be. He and his ex-partner Boston (from "Resolves Eleven Myths") bring Weller and Patterson along. Rich is able to hack the laptop of prime suspect Zach Riley but that only vindicates Riley.

But when Weller leaves Rich to save Patterson and Boston, Rich blows his cover to the real guilty party, who takes him hostage and reveals that his plan is to detonate a dirty bomb. Weller shoots through Rich to get to Munson and stops the bomb threat. But it's later revealed that Riley was working with Shepherd all along.

Meanwhile, Nas has uncovered property records under Shepherd's real name. She takes Jane and Roman to check the addresses out in hope that they'll remember something. Instead, flowers in Jane's apartment prompt Roman to recall surveilling Weller as he had lunch with Emma Shaw, Taylor Shaw's mother. It's revealed that Roman killed Emma.

And Nas reveals that the Truman Protocol may be a series of meetings that took place before the dropping of the atomic bomb, but there are no files to prove its existence. Plus, Jane tells Weller she's seeing someone.

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Blindspot Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

True answers come from within, Jane.


Reade: Looks like someone found religion.
Jane: Looks like someone found all the religions.