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Roman helps decode the leopard tattoo and it leads them to Kat Jarrett who is part of the Viper Kings biker gang. Turns out that Jane and Shepherd ordered Roman to end a relationship with Kat and she isn’t happy about it, but he and Jane still manage to go undercover to make a deal with the gang’s leader, Abel Marx.

Roman promises to get HMX explosives for Marx in order to lure out Shepherd. Nas can get HMX from a DOD contact and plans to put the real HMX on the top of the barrels and fake explosives underneath in the hopes of limiting the amount of HMX that could end up in the hands of terrorists.

While undercover, they hijack the truck with the HMX with Weller and Reade posing as the drivers, but the biker gang orders Roman to kill the drivers. Roman shoots them both and the two go down. Thankfully they were both wearing bullet proof vests. 

Roman has a flashback. He told Kat that he loved her and was going to run off with her and leave his sister and Shepherd to start a new life, but he never did.

When Jane and Roman go back to do the deal, Kat pulls a gone on them and accuses them of working with the cops. Roman tells her that they’re working with the FBI to bring down Shepherd and that working with them was the only way he could get back to her. Roman tells Kat he loves her and she helps he and Jane escape, but gets shot and killed in the process. 

Jane worries as Roman shows little emotion but asks that they take Shepherd alive because he needs to know why she erased his memory.  But Sandstorm gets to the scene first and takes the HMX before the FBI can stop them. Roman admits to Jane that he lied to Kat about loving her and he doesn’t remember if he every really did. He wonders what is wrong with him. 

Nas believes that she and Weller’s personal feelings for one another are clouding their judgement in the field and decides to end their romantic relationship. 

Freddy’s girlfriend turns up at Reade’s looking for Freddy, which leaves Reade feeling guilty. When she comes back a second time, she and Reade end up having sex. 

Shepherd is happy with the HMX they obtained but Borden is upset so much of it is fake and chastises Parker for it. He asks Parker why he’s even here. When Parker replies that it’s to see this country burn, Borden promises that he won’t be disappointed. 


Knowing that Weller is feeling alone because his nursery won’t be put to use, Jane shows up with Pennsylvania beer to commiserate. They go over all of the information on Weller trying to figure out why Sandstorm is so interested in him, when Jane spots Shepherd in the stands in the photo of one of Weller’s high school basketball games.

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Blindspot Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

I'm not setting up a deal with that pile of crazy unless I know I've got what I promised her.

Abel Marx

I'm sorry, are we actually considering helping a blood thirsty biker gang steal lethal explosives in order to sell them to a terrorist group?