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Jane's latest tattoo is the logo for a Dark Web courier named Lelantos who may be moving something major into New York. Another tattoo refers to a prisoner named Marc Gelman and a third refers to a location. Weller decides that since they do not have connections between the three clues, the team should split up to tackle each individually.

Weller takes Roman with him, while he sends Zapata and Jane to speak with Gelman and  Reade works with Patterson. Zapata finds out that Gelman is doing serious money laundering. She and Jane track down Marjory Ellis at a local auction house only to end up in a shootout. That's enough to prove that Lelantos is moving contraband through the auction house.

Patterson and Reade cross paths with Marjory's associate Pablo Gomez just before Jane and Zapata's firefight at the auction house, but he commits suicide by cop. They find a photo of him with a Mexican cartel leader on his laptop and discover he was moving people into a building in Queens.

Weller and Roman visit the location, which is a medical spa. Roman intentionally causes a scene to get Weller access to the spa's secure room where they deduce the people were being moved for organ trafficking. But they are tased by Marjory's associates before they can catch her. Gelman tells the team where Weller, Roman and the other victims will be taken to. The FBI raids the site and takes Marjory into custody.

Patterson confronts Reade about his drug use, which he denies, and Jane asks Zapata to do a background check on her boyfriend Oliver, finding out that he changed his name 12 years earlier. When she asks Oliver about it, he walks out on her.

Meanwhile, Nas receives a call from her source at Sandstorm that direct her to a dead drop. But when she heads to the location a man is waiting in her car and tries to strangle her.

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Blindspot Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

He's one of the architects for Jane's tattoos.


Inviting new people into our lives - that could give them the opening they're looking for.