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Blindspot Season 2 Episode 4 finds the team chasing an assassin who claims to be a member of the CIA, while the emotional toll of the season so far begins to wear on Edgar Reade.

Roman brings Jane to a lake that's been spoiled by a chemical plant, saying he needs her to "get angry again."

Patterson translates Jane's honeycomb tattoo into a Homeland Security employee number and the handle for a hacker called "Shadowcat."  They find the hacker is creating detailed mock-ups using his government access and selling them off.

The next target is New York's Aebly Museum of Art fundraising gala. It's another excuse for our heroes to play dress-up, if Weller doesn't bench Reade for being overly aggressive as he vents his anger, or Jane for talking to the gala's host to corroborate Roman's story.

Patterson is attacked while investigating the museum's basement and the assassin then kills two people before engaging in a literal sword fight with Jane.

The FBI identifies her as Elizabeth Gubara and arrests her but Gubara declares that she's a member of the CIA, claiming her cover was blown and family killed by corrupt allies gaming the system.

Patterson's look into the victims corroborates Gubara's story and shows that her daughter is still alive and with her former boss Charles Kessler, who is the girl's father.

After Weller is forced to shoot Kessler in front of the daughter, the enraged teenager grabs a gun and starts firing back, but Jane is able to reunite the family before being confronted by her own adopted mother and learning the truth behind Lake Aurora.

Meanwhile, Reade contemplates drastic measures in his abuse case, Zapata hires "Shadowcat" for a personal errand and Nas shows Weller that Sandstorm has been watching him for most of his life.

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But how much can a video game really teach you?


My brother isn't great with people.