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The midseason premiere reveals that Patterson has been shot by Borden while a newly amnesiac Roman comes to in a car driven by Jane and attacks her before escaping with the vehicle. When Jane returns to the FBI, she tells Weller that Borden is the mole and that Roman is the best bet to rescue Patterson from him.

When Patterson comes to Borden has brought her to Shepherd, who also finds out that Roman has been drugged by eavesdropping on Jane's phone call to him. Several Sandstorm agents find Roman first but he kills several of them before Jane and Weller arrive and take him into custody.

Jane gets through to Roman by telling him about her own experience with the FBI. He claims to recognize Borden, who grows increasingly uncomfortable with Shepherd's torture of Patterson. When she decides to kill Patterson, Borden asks to be the one to do the deed and then escapes after a fistfight with Weller.

Patterson discovers Borden's true identity as Dr. Nigel Thornton just as he reunites with Shepherd. She also unlocks the phone from Nas's source inside Sandstorm and finds evidence that one of Jane's tattoos was removed before she was found in Times Square.

Nas finds out from the Deputy Director that her tenure with the FBI has been terminated because of the botched raid. But Weller convinces him to bring her back under the pretense of breaking Roman. And Reade kisses Zapata but she does not return his feelings.


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Blindspot Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

If she wanted to play us, her best move would be to stay in our ranks.


Nas: I should have figured this out sooner.
Weller: Don't do this, okay? You got people out.
Nas: Twelve agents are dead, Kurt.