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Jane and Weller go undercover at a swanky party to take down a high-profile Wall Street exec who's committed fraud.

Reade and Zapata have collected email proof from the suspect's computer that proves to be planted by a hacker group called "The Three Blind Mice." Hearst is worried about a PR nightmare.

Patterson tells Reade that she's been looking into Stewart's murder despite his order not to. She wants to look into a recording device he had in his apartment to see if it recorded the killing.

Patterson confronts Rich Dotcom in his supply-closet office and demands to know if he is behind the Hack on the Wall Street exec. It turns out that Patterson and Rich are two of the three "blind mice" and have done some illegal hacking together in the time they were away from the FBI.

Reade goes to the offices of the recording device that Stewart used, hoping to get more information. Zapata is texting with his girlfriend -- they seem to be good friends and getting along very well.

Patterson and Rich have determined who the masked mouse is and share with the team. They pick her up, and because of their alias's this woman has no idea that Patterson and Rich used to be her hacking partners.

Kathy, the 3rd blind mouse, says that she only returned emails that the suspect had deleted and Loey is really the culprit. She reveals that he has a plan for another attack.

Patterson reveals to Rich that her Wizardville app gives her access to the phone of anyone who downloads the game -- $75 million people. Loey's lawyer has the app and Patterson gathers intel from her emails.

Rich and Patterson create an "anonymous tip" to share with Weller and Jane so they can use P's intel with out admitting to how she got it. 

Weller and Jane head to the warehouse where the attack is schedule to happen. They take down a bunch of bad dudes, disarm a bomb, and Jane manages to save Weller's life with a single shot without blowing up the building with leaking gas lines. No big deal.

Reade and Zapata return to "Kinga" headquarters to get the recordings from Stewarts apartment. Reade is being especially firm and embracing his authority to get what they need.

Rich and Patterson meet at the docs and realize they were set-up to meet there by Kathy aka the hacker "Electra." She shoots at them with little bean bags, and claims that she's "rescuing" them.

Patterson and Rich wake up in a bunker with shock collars on. Kathy wants them to complete a hacking "to-do" list. She believes they've been brainwashed by the government and need to be saved.

Jane, Weller, Reade, and Zapata are having dinner together. They get an email from Patterson (Kathy) bailing on them, and figure out that something's wrong. 

Kathy wants Rich and Patterson to hack a plane that Loey and his wife are on and crash it. She's on a warpath because her brother was killed because of Loey. Patterson refuses and Kathy ties her up and shocks her.

The team is on the hunt for Kathy and track her to an abandoned zoo where she is holding R and P.

Rich supposedly competes the mission of hacking the plane, but Kathy sees the FBI show up and find out the plane landed. She knocks Rich out and hacks the FBI car and crashes it. The team jumps out at the last second.

Kathy sets the computers on fire and is about to shoot Rich when the team comes in to save the day and takes her down.

Back at headquarters Kathy is in custody but is still refusing to give up her hacking partners. The team knows that it is Patterson and Rich, but talks about it in code so Reade won't be forced to pursue the issue. The team has figured out that Roman's tattoos all point to them.

Roman calls Jane on the phone asking about her new life. She asks why he's trying to take down the team. He again claims vengeance for her betrayal and says he wants Jane to suffer.

Patterson discovers that the Kinga recording from Stewart's apartment has been edited to hide the time of his death. She shows Reade and Zapata that she has cracked the tattoo that Stewart was working on.

It decodes into a list of names of people who have at one time owned one of Van Gogh's famous portraits.

The Kinga executive is approached on the street by the man that asked her to edit the recording. She says she did as he asked. When he leaves we see that he is missing an ear.



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Blindspot Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Zapata: How are you holding up?
Patterson: You want to know the truth? Not great. Say what you will about Silicon Valley but at least my coworkers didn't end up dead.

Jane: What do you want?
Roman: I want to know what it's like being back. With your husband, your old job, all your old friends.
Jane: These new tattoo cases, you're trying to take us down with them, aren't you?
Roman: This new person you've become, you refuse to see the bad in anyone.
Jane: Oh, so you're doing this to protect me?
Roman: No. You betrayed me, sis. I'm doing this to make you bleed.