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Madeline is going to be nominated for vice president. Madeline wants a team member to confess to tie up loose ends before her nomination. But they refuse. Patterson rescues Boston from capture by Ivy's thugs. Patterson escaped the bunker through a miner's tunnel. To dig up dirt on Madeline, they have to have direct access to the FBI server. Patterson contacts Afreen through a memo. Afreen figures out she's still alive. Madelne's lawyer Shirley tries to break down the team members. Patterson and Boston arrive in cross-dressed disguise. They need Weitz's handprint to get into the server room. Jane offers to confess if the other three are released. Jane picks up on the Morse Code Boston is sending through the camera. Weitz and Patterson free Zapata. Afreen and Boston free Rich. Ivy determines Boston and Patterson are in the building. Madeline locks down the building. Madeline's documentation pins all the crimes on Weitz. Weitz appears to run. Rich comes through the ductwork to get Weller. Madeline tells Ivy to kill the team when they're recaptured. Patterson gets the proof on Madeline. Zapata calls Reade's reporter ex Megan to get her to release it and she agrees. Patterson starts an evacuation alarm to get FBI personnel out of the building. Shirley tells her to run, like he is. Patterson, Rich, and Boston get caught. Weller takes out six guards. Then he and Rich got caught. Backed by the FBI agents, Weitz tells Ivy's guards to turn the prisoners over to him. A firefight ensues but it's over quickly. Weitz gets gutshot. Weller and Zapata go after Jane. Weitz dies. They receive a scrambled message about Madeline's location. Zapata asks her where the ZIP is. Madeline drinks ZIP and wipes her own memory. Ivy shoots Shirley.

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Blindspot Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Not everyone's drinking the Madeline Kool-Aid.

Weitz [to Afreen]

If one of them would confess, that would tie up loose ends.