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A shot Jane staggers back into the bunker. Weller is Ivy Sands' captor. Jane collapses. She insists of having surgery done there. Ivy shows surveillance of Jane after she had been shot. She offers to get Jane treatment if Kurt gives up the team. Ivy injects him with truth serum. Ivy brings up Bethany and hints that they have her. Zapata is going to give a transfusion to Jane, which Rich fights, because Tasha is pregnant. Zapata admits that and Jane refuses a transfusion. While Patterson runs saline for Jane, Rich runs out to search for blood. Weller's having flashbacks to past characters, starting with Oscar, Jane's former Sandstorm handler. Oscar points out those who have been killed along the way. Jane wants to start surgery before Rich returns and talks Patterson and Zapata through it. Patterson extracts the bullet. Rich returns with blood. Jane passes out. Kurt lets it slip that the team is in a bunker. Zapata heads to Germany to search for Weller. Kurt imagines arguing with his father Bill, who says he's also to blame for Taylor's death. Bill says that Weller is a killer and summons images of people he says Kurt killed. Patterson and Rich find a potential site where Weller is being held. Kurt tells Ivy he's been stalling so the rest of the team can disappear. He also knows she doesn't know where Bethany is. After Ivy kicks over Kurt's chair, he escapes and knocks out her and three guards. Zapata comes up on Kurt but he pulls a gun on her, thinking she's Ivy. She talks him down. Weller is back in Prague when Jane wakes up. Jane tells him he was just voicing his fears while drugged. Icelandic fixer Ice Cream finds the bunker. 

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Blindspot Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

The FBI built you to be unbreakable. My job is to unbuild you.

Ivy [to Weller]

Weller: Why don't we skip to my favorite part: Where you ask where my team is and I refuse to give them up?
Ivy: You know what my favorite part is? That you believe that.