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Jane awakes surrounded by her concerned teammates.

She remembers everybody because she was given an experimental antidote Patterson developed. The new director Grigoryan has assigned new people to track down Ivy.

The team has received immunity deals but they can't work for the government ever again. But they've got clean slates. Ivy got away with one ZIP bomb and has stayed in the country rather than flee.

Grigoryan agrees to reactivate them for one last mission. Ivy is meeting with a bombmaker, Jesse Thomas. Jane is hallucinating people from her past, including her brother Roman.

Since Jane thinks she's dying, he convinces her to go after Ivy on her own. Weller and Zapata go after her. Jane arrives at the cathedral where Patterson and Rich sent Weller and Zapata.

Jane isn't dying. She just needs a bigger dose of the antidote.

The rest of the team searches for Ivy. Jane needs to sort through the hallucinations to determine where Ivy is so she stops the antidote, even though the ZIP might kill her.

She confronts her hallucinations who show her where she needs to go. Then she tells the team she knows where the bomb is. The hallucinations point Jane toward the right trash can in Times Square.

Zapata takes down Ivy but she's tripped the detonator. Patterson and Rich have them cut the green wires. The team gets a round of applause when they return to headquarters.

Jane gets the antidote in time.

The team catches up at a later holiday meal. Patterson and Rich are hunting for gold, Kurt and Jane are fostering children, and new mother Zapata is a private eye.

They get their happy ending.

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Blindspot Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

We've got clean slates. We can go anywhere. We can be anything we want to be.

Weller [to Jane]

Patterson: I've going to miss this place.
Rich: That's not what I said.