Relying on Kathy - Blindspot
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Weller visits with his daughter Bethany. Rich calls Boston to let him know he's not leaving with him and they say goodbye. Patterson tracks Madeline's hacker, her and Rich's old frenemy Kathy Gustofson, who is now working with Ivy to find the ZIP. They track Kathy's address. Kathy turns herself in to the FBI. She wants her crimes forgiven and she wants to work for the FBI. Ivy still thinks Kathy is working for her. The team resolves to take down Ivy and find the ZIP to prove themselves to the new interim FBI director. Kurt points out that they don't have the power to give her a deal. Rich tries to bluff Kathy but she sees through that. Patterson tells her the truth. They take her to the lab. Rich is working against her. Another hacker used Kathy's back door. It's Boston, who Ivy abducted. They figure out it's Boston. Ivy cuts off Boston's little finger. They narrow down Boston's location to Bed-Stuy. After Boston finds the file Ivy needs, she leaves him on a pressure-plate bomb. Boston embedded Madeline's encryption key so they can locate the ZIP. Zapata, Jane, and Weller go after Ivy while the three hackers work to disarm the bomb. The trigger is under Boston's feet so he tries to disarm it but causes the timer to go faster. Boston tries to get them to leave. Kathy switches places with him to defuse it. But she really just wanted to save him. She was playing them and got away. Interim FBI Director Gregorian tells Afreen to have them stand down. They ignore the order. They arrive at Ivy's hiding place. Kurt takes out Ivy's guards. Ivy locks Jane in the lab and turns on the ZIP. Jane locks out Kurt to keep him safe. 

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Blindspot Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Zapata: Do you really think we'll be reinstated?
Weller: I dunno.
Zapata: Your confidence is inspiring.

Ivy: Our or in?
Kathy: In. Let's cause some chaos.