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Kurt wants to retrieve Dominic's phone, which has the details of Madeline's plans on it. Rich stashed it atop a vent back at FBI Headquarters. Jane wants to talk to Weitz in person, to judge if he can be trusted. He's giving a speech in Finland and Kurt and Jane are going. Madeline has Shoh Ahktar killed for helping the fugitives. Patterson sends an SOS to her father, Bill Nye. The plan changes for Patterson to go instead of Jane. They meet up with Bill. Madeline blackmails Brianna into spying on her coworkers, starting with Afreen. Bill gets caught while making contact with Weitz. Bill makes a scene allowing Weitz to slip away to meet Kurt and Patterson. Kurt decides to trust him. The ductwork is being cleaned at HQ so they have to get a message to Afreen through her coffee order. Kurt and Patterson find a bomb in the basement, below where Weitz is speaking. But he's not the target. Patterson works to defuse the bomb while Kurt tracks down Logan. Rich uses the teleprompter to keep Weitz talking. Brianna catches Afreen retrieving the phone. But Brianna offers to help her. Logan catches Patterson. But if she lets go of the bomb, it will explode. Bill knocks out Logan with a fire extinguisher. Susan Shah, a critic of Madeline, is the next speaker. Rich jams the detonator signal while Kurt takes out Madeline's other thug. Patterson and Kurt tell Bill to lay low in Europe. Ivy catches Brianna trying to upload the intel from the phone and interrupts it. Afreen tells Weitz she's worried Brianna is in trouble. Kurt invested too much hope in the phone because he wants to see his daughter again. Zapata gets Rich an art print to dress up the bunker. Ivy detains Weitz.

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Blindspot Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Can we stop calling this place home? This is nobody's home.


Someone gave [the fugitives] the blueprints. And we need to figure out who.

Ivy [to Logan]